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1 hour ago, red_wolf_ said:

i dont got zygarde complete sorry

No prob red wolf! That doesnt matter keep doin good things (ʘᴗʘ✿)

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On 1/14/2021 at 6:48 AM, SAMUEL.D.S said:

i kinda encounter some rares lately and have some rares that i want to trade

rares:mudkiptorchicpikachumystic glaceondark munchlaxcroconawprinplupbayleefsalamenceserperiortorterragreninjamystic dragonite

legendaries:azelfmespritmetallic uxiemetallic dratinicedark shaymin (sky)suicunegroudonarticunodarkrownzygardedark yveltalshadow regigigasarceus<--(reserved(sofix)

mega:kangaskhan (mega)venusaur (mega)dark blastoise (mega)metallic sceptile (mega)mystic charizard (mega x)

mega legendaries:latios (mega)

event:pikachu (pop star)butterfree (christmas)genesect (ice)(ice)arceus (grass)arceus (dark)deoxys (speed)vivillon (pokeball)

looking for any forms ofcosmogtapu kokonecrozma

pls choose 1 pokemon and tell what u offer

n if u can, pls give me in my list

Almost anything except my kyogre (primal)forarceus (Dark)

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