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  1. Sugoma dik, huh? 

    Also, when will you give the prizes for the giveaway?

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    2. Fluffyz


      Anyways, he didn't mention that he had 13 followers now lol

    3. RITHVIK7585
    4. RITHVIK7585
  2. Hello,peeps! 

    After 2 or more months after the Ash event, the game became a bit mundane. A lot of people left, but anyway....

    A new event is coming! We all know Hoopa (Unbound) ,right? You are sure all asking where is the original form, and here it is!

    The unobtainable, limited edition, Hoopa! The event starts tommorow and the grind is like a legendary grind. 

    Which form are you aiming for?

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    2. dades


      Dude are you illiterate

    3. SofiX


      What does that mean? 

    4. Pokomaster29


      Sorry because I didn't saw the poster when I asked the question. Even I got the info of the event here 

  3. Ok, but why did you do the weird roll eye emoji?
  4. That is his verification for Discord. People like to joke around with it. Nothing suspicious.
  5. Didn't you post a topic like this before? Well,weird. Also,,my name resembles me of something........oh wait, why are our names so alike?
  6. IGN: SofiX What can we say, Patrick can make a good roast.
  7. The person is literally named @Eeveecuteness_Rise . We can guess where he got THAT from.
  8. You can. The team is saved in Formations, but you can change it any time. At least that is how the RPG games I played worked, please correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Seems like a good theory, but there is a thin line between a prank and a scam. He passed the scam line.
  10. SofiX

    Universal Trade!

    You two can trade, but I am closing this topic. School is overwhelming me more then I thought. Sorry. My parents are forcing me to learn and learn, so I will not have time. This topic is closed.
  11. Ok. Sorry. Yeah, you can like any POKEMON.
  12. SofiX

    Universal Trade!

    No. Keel is my version of cool. I do not know anybody.
  13. I did not say anything against you. Sorry for any misunderstanding. I like Eevees,but they are not my personal best.
  14. Now, back on topic. I do not wanna trade, so I will leave this topic.
  15. No mega evolutions are unofficial. They exist and that is what makes them official. First, the addins would be too much for the server. This game is a browser Pokemon game, not made by TPC. Also, MEGA evolutions gotten by hearts would sky drop after that. Throwing balls? That is how we catch pokemon. There can and can not be an animation, so do not force it. Pokepuffs? Later you will lask where did all your money go.
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