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  1. (looks in Jesters profile and SAMUELs profile)


    THAT IS SO MUCH COOL THINGS.....(starts crying)




    No,i just visited for a second.

  2. I want it look at my pokes and tell me what u want
  3. Damn it,I did not get in time. I am leaving,so keep the prize.
  4. I am leaving PV and forums for more then 3 months. I will unfollow everyone,sadly,cuz when I return,I do not wanna be spammed by notifications. I might return earlier,but I am sorry for any inconvenience that I will make by following.

    1. V7xyz


      Oh lol I think you return soon sofix

    2. Hardieboi


      Pls return soon

    3. SofiX


       I will return,but it is gonna take time. It is just that i cannot catch up.


      P.S. SAMUEL and Cha,i did not unfollow you.

  5. My username is SofiX. Hope for anything less then 10%
  6. What for the Amaura??? I have shiny starters and leggies,can evo them and train them .
  7. Lol. I am fine with it,since it is not a secret. I mostly use a possible swear to joke around. But really.
  8. Well,i do not remember i swore on you. But yes, i did swear. I was mostly just using the word Damn if i wanna joke around,but there was 1 time i ligid swore. When i am REALLY pissed and angry,i swear,but that almost never happens. Also,i can get pissed easily,but it is probs my puberty engaging Which secret? Like,almost everyone knows i swear. I am joking around using the word damn when my friends or me are in a problem. And,what is the deal with that? Everyone does it. Oh,and for the first comment,it is OK. I was just wierded out with the sudden change. I will
  9. Can you please spell right? More,not mor. Mettallick...no. Mettalic...yes. Remember the GFR (Global Forum Rules)? Or the Trade rules? You are the "Bad example". Making us overprice and not spelling right. You were also mean to me after "harvesting" UBs from a exp job. That is why I blocked you. Here are the trade rules to relate: (My revenge,he he..)
  10. Do not worry,my profile sucks so you will get it
  11. I want Shiny Zearora,what is your wish?
  12. Is the Amaura EVER on trade?

  13. Hello 

    Can you accept my friend request?


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