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  1. Holy,what is this-
  2. You can get them from Mystery boxes,but there is no chance they would happen again. Only unobtainable events sometimes re-run.
  3. Shiny Heatran(Master ball),Shiny,(Master ball)Dark,Mystic Manaphy,(Shimy Zekrom and Normal Genesect and Normal giratina and Normal Palkia are caught in Master Balls, @Guardian_Of_Alola)
  4. Is that a Master or a Cortex Ball?
  5. Uh-a pro is viewing my profile-Alola---uh
  6. I got Shiny Zekrom,Shiny Shaymin Sky,Shadow Entei. And I have 200k pds
  7. What can I give for all of ur shiny leggies? Look into my profile AND bio.
  8. I will have 15 euros. What shall I do with them?

    Premium or

    Any of the DPs?

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    2. SofiX



    3. HyperPanther


      How much is 15 euros in British pounds

    4. silverstar2202


      12.89 pound sterling

  9. I do not have Discord. May u make a Qindaquil number for a Shiny UB?
  10. I have a Shiny Greninja Ash.
  11. 5 Ashes or 5 Manaphys?
  12. You are looking for a poke not released yet and 2 very rare events. Nobody with a normal head would not do this.
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