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It's Mystic Jigglypuff Mystic Jigglypuff With only 31 available at the time of this post.

Don't mistake rarity with the total count though - Mystic Jigglypuff is by no means hard to get, there are a few factors at play here to why there are so little:

  • It's Mystic - These seem to be the least wanted by players so people are more likely to skip the Mystic Igglybuff if found on the maps.
  • It's a happiness evolution - Happiness evolution takes a lot more time to do than a regular level evolution so not many people do it.
  • It's a middle evolution - If people can be bothered with the happiness evolution, they usually take it to the next step too and will evolve it into a Wigglytuff.

Just remember, the number count of a Pokémon doesn't always signify how rare a Pokémon is, but how much it is liked.

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