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  1. Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha A Caterpie may change into Butterfree ,but the heart the beats inside remains the same.
  2. Good Idea. Although this can be a changed a little (Pokémon over level 100 having its experience reset to 50,000 when traded or auctioned.) A poke that has more than 1 mil exp reset to 50,000 when traded or auction. This way those who train exp can still do 1 mil exp on 1 poke and they can do it on multiple pokemon instead of just 1 poke and carry their exp shops etc. It will be disadvantage to the other players a little tho cause right now a lot of illegit exp is present ingame to climb the leaderboard and catch upto them.If all the illegit exp is removed and the new rule is applied it wont be hard for the other players to climb the leaderboard lets say someone has 4,000 battle count has over 400 mil exp .And that person has lot of illegit exp in his account but the person below him has less exp than him but higher battle count and all legit exp. : )
  3. The day and night times on maps is 12 hours each tho. Also with the next update of vortex you can select your own time zone and maps,auction,evolution will be based on your time zone.
  4. Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha........Sad 2 See You Leave .....Goood Luck With Life Bro
  5. Tnx Merry christmas bro....may all your dreams come true
  6. Hi patrick....I think its a bug...Darumaka doesnt evolve into Darmanitan (Zen Mode)....I tried it both at night and at day it just evolves into Darmanitan. Here is the image.Earlier when it is of level 35 or above both darmanitan and darmanitan(zen mode) options were there.But now only darmanitan is present.I am pretty sure it evolution doesnt have a thing to do with it gender. https://imgur.com/a/TkC07 Tnx
  7. I dont know whether this is a bug or not.But i couldnt fight a single sandygast on map. The current pokedex data show this https://imgur.com/a/s9qij Plus wiki shows this...i am sure this is not an event poke tho... https://imgur.com/a/SOhjY If its a bug plz fix it
  8. Hi pat. I have came across this bug. When you battle with a nincada and select the attack mud-slap.And then click continue.You have to select again the mud slap in next turn as the selected attack get change to first attack(scratch).I tried this with other two attacks absorb and bug bite.They are fine.Here are two images of the situation. https://imgur.com/fbJ4ukC https://imgur.com/a/8zumd Hope this get fixed.
  9. Arceus Raikou, Entei and Suicune Artucon,Zapdos,Moltress Darkrai 12 Ign-Rupkonwar Tnx for the giveaway
  10. Lf Arceus Electric Set offering dp code of choice..Pm me fast

  11. Hello And Welcome To My Trading Page Rules- 1.Dont spam. 2.Just say what you want and what will you offer. Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha Discord Username-Luv P.S-I know Rates. I Am Trading The Following Pokes I Am Looking For Following Pokes
  12. My No-10 Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha If you're going to win the Premier League, you're going to have to finish ahead of Manchester City.
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