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  1. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha colour-Yellow tnx for the giveaway
  2. Fixed Nincada attack bug

    Hi pat. I have came across this bug. When you battle with a nincada and select the attack mud-slap.And then click continue.You have to select again the mud slap in next turn as the selected attack get change to first attack(scratch).I tried this with other two attacks absorb and bug bite.They are fine.Here are two images of the situation. Hope this get fixed.
  3. Contest My game and last grand giveaway

    Arceus Raikou, Entei and Suicune Artucon,Zapdos,Moltress Darkrai 12 Ign-Rupkonwar Tnx for the giveaway
  4. Giveaway Soup's 6th Giveaway! *Ended*

    Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha Thanks for the giveaway austin
  5. Halloween 2017

    Just Found It On Offical Pokemon Website
  6. Halloween 2017

  7. Lf Arceus Electric Set offering dp code of choice..Pm me fast

  8. Universal Trading

    Hello And Welcome To My Trading Page Rules- 1.Dont spam. 2.Just say what you want and what will you offer. Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha Discord Username-Luv P.S-I know Rates. I Am Trading The Following Pokes I Am Looking For Following Pokes
  9. Giveaway A great week

    My No-10 Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha If you're going to win the Premier League, you're going to have to finish ahead of Manchester City.
  10. Trading shiny fairy for 2 shiny kyurem white,2 shiny kyurem black and shiny zygarde core ....Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha

  11. Giveaway My First And Last Giveaway (Updated Prizes!! )

    1.Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha 2.Girlfriend by Rocket To The Moon 3.Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
  12. Any one interested in shiny,dark,normal vivillon pokeball....My Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUSha



      i want shiny dark  pokeball

  13. shiny hoppa was stole during the trade glitch....please help me...i have message you in even game...please reply

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    2. Patrick


      Your account has never donated so I cannot give you back the Hoopa, sorry. Anyone can say they had a Hoopa up for trade and was affected by the trade bug but there is no proof since you received it in trade.

    3. LuvstoryofRupNUsha


      but i have the messages that the users sent me asking for my hoppa...when it was on trade

    4. LuvstoryofRupNUsha


      but i have the messages that the users sent me asking for my hoppa...when it was on trade

  14. Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

  15. Hey patrick.....I have open my account after a long time(After 9 months)....and my shiny hoppa is missing from my account...I had put it on trade...its not there....Please Help(There is also no trade notifications about hoppa but there are messages that was sent to me by users asking about hoppa)

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    2. fodnbilal


      yeah this is not correct that Pokemon disappear and good ones because people really spend their time getting them.

    3. ViralV


      @LuvstoryofRupNUsha Patrick did help players.

    4. LuvstoryofRupNUsha


      i hope he help me too