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  1. Universal

    No worries buddy
  2. Giveaway

    Done pal IGN CaptainX thanks for the cosmog
  3. CaptainX
  4. Giveaway

    Is the giveaway over buddy ?
  5. Art

    Hey I saw yor pictures. Yus, they are very nice but i didnt like the bunny with the weird teeth looked kinda sinister and weird like Courage the Cowardly Dog. Yor cover photos really neat. I admire all artists and i know the hardwork in it cause im a pathetic one and end up getting poorr marks in science diagrams Keep up the good work and draw more
  6. Giveaway

    IGN CaptainX I haven't won a single cosmog wish I would thanks for the giveaway pal
  7. Writing

    Nice read I enjoyed it Please add me too
  8. I feel guilty about the fact I don't use all of my pokemon and show favoritism to some of them despite the fact they are computer images and games (my psychological feeling) so I'm doing this giveaway in the hope that someone might use my pokemon well Rules All Forum rules No foul language Usernames and password must be posted along with the answers to the questions Please answer these questions in order to be nominated 1. Which is CaptainX's best pokemon in his account ? _______ ( IGN CaptainX) 2. CaptainX is a _________. (Fill in the blanks with any word / sentence / paragraph(if you wish to type ) ) 3. Which could be the best course to pick after leaving 10th standard (final year of school)(I need yor opinions please) Prizes 1st : 2nd : 5 unique legends and 5 uniques 3rd : 5 unique non legends and 5 non legends normal pokemon Remaining get a reputation point Thanking you yors CaptainX / Adeep14 PS Prize giving on Saturday or Sunday (Having exams )
  9. Art

    Who says I was rude ? I felt sad because of my lack of explanation and i dont blame GodsWithin for declining my request
  10. Art

    Thanks for nothing
  11. Art

    More clearer? 1st background a battlefield with the pokemon requested on each side like mentioned in previous order along with the words and the 2nd one a background like demonic red just like finn balors entrance Sorry pal if i seem too be on the edge been asking many people for banners and they forget mine and i have been waiting very eagerly for the banner
  12. Art

    I'll pay you 1normal electric and 12 random unique pokemon
  13. Art

    Hey man i was one of the first ones to request you a banner but tis seeming like you've forgotten me
  14. Universal

    where should i offer the pokemon ?