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  1. @Patrick I think Patrick will accept to do it, Afterall its a great idea!!!!! Dear Patrick, If you are seeing this message right now, we all request you to make a world coronation series. It may be hard for you but please try your best to make this game more enjoyable. Regards
  2. IGN:POKECHAN I think you can do a video about legendary pokemon hunt example: Rayquaza hunt, Entei hunt, arceus hunt. or even starter pokemon hunt like sobble hunt, scorbunny or you can make funny memes of pokemon vortex. or just entertaining videos like types of pokemon vortex players.
  3. Dear Patrick, recently i found a scammer who made 50+ accounts and transferred the 10,000 pokedollors which is given to the account at the beginning. The username is 333Deutschblaze I have the screenshots of the auctions he put for transferring the money. And also i have a screenshot of the account created. I came to know of the scammer on 20 September 2021 https://paste.pics/3e5738fee9252940af0ce6d912b54890 https://paste.pics/6109cc8cb0b78c9815ee59d98964ad71 https://paste.pics/c61d4896912b37dc77ab004379f9b525 https://paste.pics/1a831ce5a536730f02e4606d1d00b1cc I request Patrick to please take quick action on this.
  4. i just asked so that i can compare the prices and check. i am not interested in any
  5. what about a pikachu belle and a zygarde core or you can choose one yourself
  6. what is the price of each. please reply
  7. what is the price for a shiny Infernape
  8. who ever comments first will get a diancie and 200kdiancie

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      I sent one request 

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      Ofer on my pokemon in trade and bit on the pokeball 

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      So sad im late😈 Season 2 Football GIF by The Office

  9. even i would like to have the following hoopa variants. shiny, metallic and shadow shiny- 1 million metallic-500k shadow- 1 million if anyone is willing to give please send a message me on Pokemon vortex
  10. Sorry guys. The contest is over. I am really sorry. But don't be sad Me and 1gladion mixed our accounts so now we have a lot of legendaries. So maybe next week or next month we will conduct a mega giveaway and we will give hundreads of legendaries and rare pokemon. So keep a lookout for our giveaway
  11. CONGRATS adi09!!! You won Fennekin and Darkrai And CONGRATS billabob!!! You won latios, Metallic Type Null and Rowlet You can offer on my trade page
  12. YES only 2 answers allowed for each because the others wont get a chance
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