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  1. PokéPoppin - https://discord.gg/CVUv3n3vNe


    Looking for people to come play/test features.

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      Sorry for putting many "etc". My keyboard has the multiplying disease

    3. Fluffyz


      No, he was just working on a discord bot.

    4. Chris_


      I've just been doing other things such as school. I still help Patrick rarely when he needs it, I've just stepped away from being Admin. Thanks for all the warm replies 😁

  2. Chris_


    Try ctrl+f5 on the page. You might have an old cached JS file not removing the loading page.
  3. Chris_


    I'm not dead! Updates coming slower than usual because of School. (Staying a bit more active in the Discord) Occasional push notifications for the Pokemon Vortex Discord #trade channel Filters for viewing others' Tradebin
  4. Chris_


    Added the ability to log out and delete Tradebins. I'll most likely be adding the ability to name your Tradebins next. Also made a Discord 'cause https://discord.gg/dQJFE94Zyr
  5. Chris_


    I've added the ability to sync your Pokemon Vortex account which will give you a couple of new options when creating a new Tradebin.
  6. Chris_


    I'll be adding this in a future update. You'll be able to sync your account thanks to the Vortex API. 😃
  7. Chris_


    What email address did you sign up with?
  8. Chris_


    So I gave it a test with my own Gmail account and it didn't actually go to the spam box. Try looking in your main inbox for the email. You'll probably have to sign up again.
  9. Chris_


    Small update. I've added searching functionality for Pokemon to make it less tedious to create your Tradebins. https://streamable.com/cqn8jp
  10. Chris_


    Could you tell me email provider you used to sign up? Ex. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  11. Chris_


    Unfortunately I got hit with a huge ice storm and my power won't be up for another 24hrs or so. I'll help when I get power back.
  12. Chris_


    R.I.P https://www.tradeb.in/ Email @ suggestions@tradeb.in Discord @ https://discord.gg/dQJFE94Zyr or reply here 🙂 How to use it https://streamable.com/8nna8f Hello there everyone! I've had this idea for quite some time and, I'm glad I finally put some time in to get it started. I say getting started because I believe this tool is far from finished and can be improved. The idea of this website is to easier manage and share lists of Pokemon for trade. With that said, I would love to hear some feedback from the Pokemon Vortex community on what you like to see in this tool and what you think is missing. Please feel free to leave a post here explaining your suggestion and why you think it would be a beneficial addition to the website so I can understand your point of view. If you don't want to post publicly, I've set up an email address you can message. suggestions@tradeb.in Updates: 2/20/2021 - Added the ability to log out & delete Tradebins. 2/17/2021 - Added the ability to Sync your Vortex account along with some selections perks. 2/13/2021 - Added search functionality for Pokemon.
  13. If only there was a password that lets you keep other people out of your account.
  14. Most modern phone browsers should work with Vortex and should behave the same as a desktop browser. So to answer your question, it should be the same way you change your team on a desktop or laptop. In the nav menu towards the top, go to your team, and then on the team page, click on the change team button. However, the website is not mobile-friendly. So if you're having issues on your phone, I would try getting on a laptop or desktop. Also, make sure your browser is up to date, and you have extensions disabled that might interfere.
  15. It's not available to the public yet, meaning it's not finished.
  16. Something to do with page loading times. I have a slow internet connection and if I don't wait for the page to completely load I experience the same issues. Try waiting for the page to completely load (wait for the loading icon in your browser to go away) and then it should work.
  17. charizard > charmander @sportsandmusic69

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    2. sportsandmusic69


      Nobody likes that fat mutant Wooki looking thing.

    3. Chris_


      *screeches in wooki*

    4. Yet2.0


      how do you feel someone calls you that sports huh

  18. Thanks to everyone who came to watch Fate/Zero. Next week's anime binge selection thread is up.


    1. iZeus


      It was fun. :^_^:

    2. v3567


      How about sitcoms too?

  19. Streaming Fate/Zero all day: https://www.rabb.it/chrispkmnvrtx we'll do proper votes for anime before next weekend.

    1. iZeus


      It's all good.

  20. It existed in the past, people abused it, there are no plans on bringing it back.
  21. I went ahead and unbanned him. For any mods that read this in the future, go back and unban people who you have banned unless they have done something truly bad, don't be biased about it - preferably around the 24 hours mark. Also, just to clarify, these forums are for any questions related to anything Pokemon Vortex.
  22. Contact me @ https://twitter.com/chrispkmnvrtx - follow and maybe v4 screenshots will appear in your feed. :=P:

    1. Patrick


      9 hours and still no v4 screenshots. :T_T:

    2. eurstin
  23. How can v4 exist when v3 is in beta? :thinking:

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    2. ViralV


      Pokemon Lake ewww. Better play Pokemon Unity xD

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