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  1. Happy birthday Happy Birthday GIF


  2. hello your are a good admin000:MasterBall::;):

  3. IGN - Lunchbox I call dibs on any prize @Mrbobadyba wins.
  4. Insert obligatory statement here about you leaving. IGN: Lunchbox (For real though, sorry to see you go)
  5. Hey just wanted to ask whether you know any topic on here that talked about how to EXP train Pokemon to say 50,000/1,000,000 exp exactly? Or whether you know how to achieve that?

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    2. Phoenix




      Use this and basic math and you should be fine 

    3. Auke1993


      I forgot that part.
      Phoenix's list is indeed very helpful to get an exact amount. That's not covered in my video.
      How to quickly get near it is in there.

    4. Daenerys50


      Thank you for being so helpful guys :D.

  6. IGN: Lunchbox Let me win or I'll ban you before Tyheamma can.
  7. hi can I plz get my discord ban lifted it has ban 6 hours since I have been banned I loved talking to people and trading.

    Pokemon Vortex is one of my favorite games. 

    Plz Plz my discord name is airforceproud95

  8. Lunchbox could u please unban me ?  My bad about arguing with that kid , won't happen again.

    1. eurstin




      You were kicked for profanity. You can still rejoin but won't be allowed to talk for 10 minutes. I suggest avoid using profanity. That includes in other non-English languages.

      March 10


      thank you and i apologize wont happen again!

      hi chris... i believe somone banned me from the discord server, im sorry could u please unban me? i dont really think i did anything wrong but if i did im sincerely sorry...

      April 3


      bro ive been banned on discord... could u please help me and unban me!??? i didnt use any profanity bro

      April 3


      pretty sure you told a 11 year old that he is retarded and should kill himself or something like that

      April 3


      Noticing a trend...

    2. xmvp


      Who are u? I'm noticing a trend that your nosy af , getting in people's business. ;) bye bud.

  9. IGN: Lunchbox Song: Unbecoming - Starset Show: </SCORPION> Good luck in college.
  10. @fodnbilal People are allowed to give feedback on the idea presented, whether it's positive or negative. That's the point of this section of the forums. I'm against it as well, for the same reason Tyheamma is.
  11. Pssst. Hello. :ph34r:

  12. IGN: Lunchbox Patrick will win this giveaway
  13. Lunchbox is now on hiatus from Pokemon GO. Niantic is too wonderful a company for me to continue using their services. 

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