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  1. Giveaway Rotom (Spin) giveaway.

    IGN; godlybob Thx for giveaway
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    IGN: godlybob Song : Rockstar
  3. Giveaway Genesect Give a way!

    IGN; godlybob Rayquaza
  4. IGN; godlybob I subbed Thx for giveaway!
  5. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN; godlybob Colour: gold
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  9. Game Staff vs. Members

  10. I'm trading Dark Azelf, Dark Cobalion, Dark Genesect Dark Yveltal Dark Zapdos Metallic Celebi Metallic Darkrown Metallic Genesect Metallic Heatran Metallic Ho-oh Metallic Palkia Metallic Regirock Metallic Shaymin (Sky) Metallic Suicune Metallic Terrakion Metallic Thundurus Metallic Virizion Metallic Xerneas (Active) Metallic Yveltal Metallic Zapdos Metallic Zygarde,, Mystic Azelf Mystic Darkrown Mystic Genesect Mystic Jirachi Mystic Kyurem Mystic Mew Mystic Regigigas Mystic Shaymin Mystic Tornadus Mystic Uxie Mystic Yveltal Mystic Zapdos Shadow Cobalion Shadow Latias Shadow Tornadus Shadow Uxie shadow Yveltal Shiny Mesprit Shiny Mewtwo (Mega Y) Shiny Regigigas Shiny Reshiram Shiny Virizion Shiny Zapdos for the unique legends I need Also got a few normal legends for trade as well. Discord name: Shinyhelper Here is the list of unique legends I need https://paste.ee/p/z514S