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  1. Uniques My events and leggys trade thread

    @ravneet you only have metallic Latios UFT....not Met Latias
  2. Uniques My events and leggys trade thread

    Want Metallic Latias for my Metallic Dialga or Metallic Latios Dark Mewtwo (Mega Y) for my Dark Celebi, Dark Cobalion and Dark Deoxys?
  3. Giveaway Shayan''s Amazing Giveaway

    IGN; godlybob starboy by the weekend
  4. Universal godlybob's trading Thread

    @unknown_citizen i have offered!
  5. Game Staff vs. Members

  6. Universal godlybob's trading Thread

    I created this thread so I wouldn't have to look for pokemon on peoples acts...... Sure ill offer, ur ign?
  7. Universal godlybob's trading Thread

    Hello, so i'm going to start a trading thread. I'M trading unique non leggies for unique legends This is what i have Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny (Extended) Trading 9 unique non leggies for 1 unique legend im missing Trading 4 unique non legends for 1 normal legend im missing. This is the list of legendary pokemon i need https://paste.ee/p/0kpYv
  8. Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    @Dhananjay Shitkar offered!
  9. Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    I'll give put the met Azelf UFT
  10. Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    I do, What is ur discord name? ill pm u the list