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  1. 1) Swampert 2) ign : Dartixx 3) No: 2 Thnx for the giveaway
  2. You cannot switch between regions in Sidequests. You have to complete them one by one. You can reset them if you are trying to get different rewards from the regions but you will have to start from the first again. The Sidequest regions in order are : 1) Kanto 2) Johto 3) Sevii islands 4) TCG islands 5) Orange islands 6) Hoenn 7) Almia 8)Orre 9) Sinnoh 10) Unova 11) Kalos 10) Alola For more information about the number of battles per region and the reward list go and see it in https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests
  3. Magearna Original is a store pokemon which can be bought from the vortex store for real money. So it is available. Also check out pokebay auctions since now there are auctions of store pokemon bring held
  4. You have the option to claim it in the promo code section. Or just copy and paste it in the top right right corner of your dashboard where you can claim the promos. By the way you do not need to make a training acc since there are already many (but you can create one if you want it is based on your interest whether to make or not). Also training accs can be freely used by anyone without any restriction. There are training accs for all types so check them.
  5. If you had logged in earlier in your main acc the promo would be there in your item inventory but if you want daily login from another acc it is not possible since you can get only one daily login prize per day from only one acc. Or possibly it might be in your item inventory in the form of promo code so you have to claim it or else you won't get it
  6. That is really dumb. You must remember what vortex says before you start logging in. You must never give your password to anyone else under any circumstances. And if you give then you must not come and complaint that your pokemon got stolen. Well I hope that this will not happen to you in the future and remember that you must not give your password to anyone else in the future
  7. Please hunt a shiny sobble and shiny scorbunny for me
  8. Your idea of arceus dragon in dragon maps is nice but the ritual summon idea is not a good one. This is because if that idea is approved then most of the players could easily get an arceus dragon and make it worthless to hunt during events. So having a mini game or scavenger hunt or some tasks to earn the reward as arceus dragon would be better.
  9. Anyone please tell me for how many of the top seasonal trainers of the season will the unique variant of porygon forms be rewarded. Thanks
  10. First of all you must never use such words in a place where all people come for attending the quiz for fun. You must read the rules properly before coming there also try not to do that again. But I do not know if you can be allowed again into the server. Anyway next time if you are allowed do not use those words and also good luck.
  11. You would have to fuse necrozma with lunala or solgaleo using a DNA splicer, which can only be obtained during some events. So wait for the necrozma nexus event and keep your necrozma and solgaleo/lunala ready
  12. This is not at all a bug. Legends and UBs have low spawn rates and are rare so it can take a lot of time to catch them. It totally depends upon your luck and patience. It can take only just a few seconds to hours and days to catch legends and same for UBs also. So do not worry just keep trying and you would eventually encounter one. Also keep in mind to carry beast/vortex balls when you hunt UBs. Good Luck
  13. I know that which means my metallic blaziken mega must be scared. The question is that how can it attack (attack misses though) after being scared on the same round. That's what I ask because once a pokemon is scared it cannot attack fort that turn but here the text shows something different.
  14. - This is the full pic and how can a pokemon be scared and attack (and attack misses). This has happened many times to me so I posted it. Please fix it. Thanks
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