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  1. You would have to fuse necrozma with lunala or solgaleo using a DNA splicer, which can only be obtained during some events. So wait for the necrozma nexus event and keep your necrozma and solgaleo/lunala ready
  2. This is not at all a bug. Legends and UBs have low spawn rates and are rare so it can take a lot of time to catch them. It totally depends upon your luck and patience. It can take only just a few seconds to hours and days to catch legends and same for UBs also. So do not worry just keep trying and you would eventually encounter one. Also keep in mind to carry beast/vortex balls when you hunt UBs. Good Luck
  3. I know that which means my metallic blaziken mega must be scared. The question is that how can it attack (attack misses though) after being scared on the same round. That's what I ask because once a pokemon is scared it cannot attack fort that turn but here the text shows something different.
  4. - This is the full pic and how can a pokemon be scared and attack (and attack misses). This has happened many times to me so I posted it. Please fix it. Thanks
  5. Anyone please help me by telling how to get an Arceus (Unknown). I have heard that it can be won from lotteries but still can it be won even now since I see the winners having won Pokedollars only. If it can be won then how must the ticket numbers satisfy the winning number and please tell if there is a percentage or something like win rate for the arceus (unknown). Thanks.
  6. This is not a bug since poipole is an Ultra Beast. You are really lucky to encounter one because ultra beast are the rarest pokemon to encounter but also you have to keep in mind that in Pokemon vortex you can catch ultra beasts only using beast balls or vortex balls (vortex balls can capture any pokemon). So the next time before you encounter make sure that you have beast balls and vortex balls. Well if you ask how to get them you have to complete sidequests and when you finish the alolan region you can get either of 1 beast ball, 1 ice stone, 10 beast balls or 25 beast balls but the drop rates are random and the last two are rare. Also you have a chance to get beast balls or vortex balls when you open and mystery box and it turns out to be the top tier. So Master balls do not fail and they can be used only to capture other pokemon except ultra beasts.
  7. Even I have experienced same and also zygarde partial and zygarde complete can be batlled in the alola region but shouldn't it be in Kalos?
  8. Well there are many people who have completed the pokedex till what is available but still many pokemon are yet to be released and to come so practically no one has completed the entire normal pokedex. Only a very few people have completed the normal pokedex till what is available. I personally think that csaipraneeth, Fabyothecra and Diazepam are the top three pokedex collectors.
  9. I think Inteleon likes scatterbugs and zygardes very much since he mentions them in almost every hunting topics.
  10. In the mobile version it has been changed and replaced with a better one but still many people experience their chat bar gone missing in pc also. So I do not know exactly about it but personally my chat bar is not missing. I hope it comes back soon for you and other players.
  11. Good idea man even I agree but it would be nice if there was a Chansey (Doctor) also.
  12. There is apparently no way to raise a pokemon's happiness without battling more. After each battle is finished your pokemon would grow more happy as it gains either 1 or 2 happiness points after each battle. The number of points for each battle is randomized. To get three hearts of happiness the pokemon has to get 220 happiness points (73 points for each heart) and for each heart the number of battles a player should battle with that pokemon would be somewhere between 37 to 73 battles (since distribution of number of battle points is random). Also the exception is that fourth heart needs only 35 points so the total points to get four hearts would be 255.
  13. I only want an event so early bcoz I have personally not participated in many just one or two so that is why anyway I can wait for the next evevnt.
  14. I think that dratini forms is just an update because they are here to stay permanently in the dragon maps. Anyway thanks and any other event??
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