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  1. Bro from Galarian or Alolan or Kalos items I actually meant immune pokes from that region and Alolan or Galarian forms that are immune too. Or if someone is generous he can give me a Beast ball promo code too @LunarCosmo
  2. Hey guys I have purchased a Morpeko Hangry Promo Code for a trading deal but then it turns out that the guy don't want it anymore so I already have a Morpeko Hangry too. I am trading my Morpeko Hangry Promo Code for any of the following pokes or promo codes: Shiny Zacian Shiny Zamazenta Zygarde (Partial) Promo Code Zygarde (Complete) Promo Code Volcanion Promo Code I am also willing to trade it for any Galarian or Alolan or Kalos items. Regards Tazzer
  3. Can you get me a Shiny Zamazenta? @Seregios
  4. @PenguinizedYT bro you still have that Shiny Zamazenta and Shadow Zamazenta?

    1. PenguinizedYT


      yeah, why? (also i am in est time and you posted this when I was asleep lol)

    2. tazzer


      I have Morpeko (Hangry) Promo Code if you want it I am open for trade with your Shiny Zamazenta or Shadow Zamazenta. @PenguinizedYT

    3. PenguinizedYT


      sorry but I don't want to trade them anymore

  5. Guys I am trading Morpeko (Hangry) Promo Code for Zygarde (Complete) or Zygarde (Partial) Promo Codes

  6. Trading Morpeko (Hangry) Promo Code for Zygarde (Complete) or Zygarde (Partial) Promo Code
  7. A shiny Zacian and A shiny Zamazenta I'll pay 1 million pkds (1000000 pkds) @jeffpig
  8. Yay 3rd part of my fav event in Free Fire is going to start at 9 days from now.

    It's Rampage event.

  9. What if I give you 2×Zubat Halloween instead of Greninja Ash or Morpeko Hangry @PenguinizedYT
  10. You mean you want Shaymin (Sky) and Greninja Ash or Morpeko (Hangry)
  11. Ign Tazzer Thanks for the giveaway
  12. I want a NECROZMA My offer will be 3× Zubat Halloween and a Greninja Ash. If it's a variant NECROZMA then my offer will be 3× Zubat Halloween , a Dark Zubat Halloween and a 2× Greninja Ash. Regards Tazzer
  13. Yo @Babby246 it me @tazzer I saw your whole shiny collection and mine shiny collection is nothing compared to yours but the only thing I am interested is Shiny Zacian and Shiny Zamazenta. If you wanna trade them or sell them please consider about contacting me first. P.S Are those Shadow Zamazenta and Shadow Eternatus are for trade or sell too?
  14. No problem As I said "Happy to help" If you got any questions feel free to ask @Akhi45763 Regards tazzer
  15. Is it in form of promo codes if yes then I am giving 2 Zubat Halloween for a Zygarde Complete that is in form of promo code
  16. Guys how do I know about the tier of my mystery box?

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    2. dades


      good luck i guess also tell me what you get


    3. tazzer


      Roger that 😉😉

    4. tazzer


      😢😢😢😢 it was bottom tier I got a kangaskhanite, 71070 pkds and a Lampent avatar @dades

  17. Thanks bro @Red-panda
  18. Yay I now have 280th OT Shadow Snorlax in game 🎉🎉

  19. A shiny Zacian for me I'll give a surprise poke in return
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