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  1. @Dqrk I had enough of this I talked to Joshuajhonson he told me you knew you was trading to him in trade with his Ho-Oh. And now you haven't chosen any of three options I have given to you. So now I am going to report you.
  2. Oh Man @HyperPanther Thanks very much we was negotiating a deal of my Shiny Lucario (Mega) but I have written in my bio that my Shiny Lucario Mega is not for trade but he said he'll give me pikachu Jedi but I was not ready to trade and asked him to give me some time to think. Oh thank goodness I am saved. Thanks again @HyperPanther Regards Tazzer
  3. tazzer

    Universal Trade

    I'll give a Celebi, Kyogre, Xerneas (Active) and a Mystic Genesect for your Eternatus. @Kingfootball My ign Tazzer
  4. @Dqrk you have 2 days after that You have three options: 1. Give me my Promo Codes back (If you have claimed them then buy 2 Morpeko Hangry Promo Codes from Pokebay and give them to me). 2. Arrange me a Mystic Greninja Ash from anywhere. 3. Or I'll report this as a scam to Patrick and Flamescape (My friends told me to give you at least two days)
  5. Hey guys @red_wolf_ @Capitalization and @kalipo I wanted to get some advice from you guys cuz you are the people I trust most in vortex. So recently I maded a trade deal of Mystic Greninja Ash with Shoomania I gave two Morpeko Hangry Promo Code in return for his Mystic Greninja Ash. But he said dqrk will give me Mystic Greninja Ash and you give promo code to him. I sent him the codes and waited for him to offer his Mystic Greninja Ash on my trash poke but he claimed those codes and said he accidentally gave it to Johnsonjoshua and now dqrk is not replying.

    If you want proof I'll upload it in an hour or two when I'll turn on my laptop right now I am messaging you from mobile.

    So now please tell me should I wait for his reply or make a report/scam topic.

    My messaging history with Shoomania and dqrk.


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      I did on discord

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      Plus i who would want to see the face of a guy with no subs

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      Do face reaveal on yt more better

  6. When you knew that I was the one who was supposed to get that how could you give it to him??!! If it was a mistake then now what will you do? @Dqrk I am just asking
  7. You mean your Mystic Greninja Ash is stolen?
  8. Wait you are saying that those codes are stole? @Dqrk
  9. Wait what??!! My arrokuda is still on trades and I didn't got any Mystic Greninja Ash @shoomania and @Dqrk and you have claimed those promo codes too. It's my request to give me Mystic Greninja Ash that I deserve. Regards tazzer
  10. Ummmm @shoomania bro I still didn't got Mystic Greninja Ash?
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