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  1. Oi Oi @Pokomaster29 Chotto Matte. Can you please explain what happened between u and @dades. And why did you want @dades to roast me?
  2. thank goodness are reply from you @Dqrk i'll be looking forward to that.
  3. @Dqrk leave zacian tell me about my 2 morpeko Hangry you took from me in return of a Dark Greninja (Ash) but i never got any Greninja (Ash) from you and you never replied to any of my messages. And generous of me that i haven't reported you yet even it had been almost three months
  4. Ign Tazzer Wow thank goodness i made it in time. @Everyone Come on don't be like that to @eeveecuteness give her some space she didn't meant to show impatience she just meant to say that it's a long period (In a Good way) So that many people who didn't even know what dps are and those player who didn't even thought of having a dp can have a dp (I am also from one of those player who never thought of having a dp). It's just my point of view. Thanks for the giveaway @red_wolf_ Regards Tazzer (Zacian Master and Collector) (Summoned for the Protection of @eeveecuteness )
  5. Me telling to my Future kids: "Son there was a time when this game had events"

    My future Son would be like: " Dad you are pretty good at jokes 😂"

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    2. Pokomaster29
    3. Captaincam1


      I'd tell my dad "Why the hell isnt there a Necrozma event by now"

    4. foodviro
  6. Hey there Everyone! 

    I wanted to tell you guys that Pokemon Movie 23: Koko is here and I have already watched it in 4k quality.

    My Review: Man this Movie is next level!!!! When I saw it's poster I was like "What a Shady poster it is" and my facial expressions were "😒" but when I watched the movie I was like "I have seen heaven and Now I can dae peacefully" and my facial expressions were "😌". I would rate it 9.5/10 and highly recommend it.

    Link for the movie: https://www2.kickassanime.ro/anime/pokemon-movie-23-koko-498142/episode-01-998303

    Fun fact is that you can also download it.



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    2. Dqrk


      Cmon I am a kid

      How am I supposed to figure it out

    3. Fluffyz


      Wow, I know this is in japanese but this is great.Thanks for the link.

    4. tazzer


      No prob @Fluffyz Happy to help.

  7. Thanks @Captaincam1 but Can you please tell how to add screenshot if we are on Android.
  8. First he wanted everyone to take part in this and now he is missing ( @PenguinizedYT)
  9. Ign Tazzer I am also very excited about Pokemon Unite
  10. Ign Tazzer (◠‿◕) Thanks for the giveaway.
  11. Happy Eid-ul-Adha to All Muslim Vortexians.🐐🐐🐏🐑🐂🐃🐄🐪🐫



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    2. HyperPanther


      I thinks the animal emojis are for the qurbani

    3. tazzer


      Yeah it does I putted all animals that can be used for qurbani. Because different people use different animals.


    4. Eeveecuteness_Rise


      happy Eid-ul-Adha to All Muslim Vortexians.



  12. @kaylee000 In your question forum the answer I gave there will be a cup on top right corner of my post just click it and the post will be marked as Answered.

    1. kaylee000


      i marked it as best answer but whys it still unanswered

  13. @kaylee000 In my opinion in the battle section, choose (Battle Any Member) then on next page On your Right Hand side there is a random battle box then choose 3 pokemon team and it will be easy to defeat and in no time your pokemon will gain hearts. If you like my idea and find this helpful please mark this answer as best answer and make this post answered by editing it. Regards, Tazzer
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