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  1. I am giving a (Shiny Suicune)for a (Shadow Zamazenta) Is it a good deal??
  2. I have putted a Pokemon in my trades Thank you very much
  3. Ign tazzer Thanks for the giveaway
  4. tazzer

    Universal Manectite

    I don't wantor Now I just want a Manectite I am giving Pinsirite
  5. tazzer

    Universal Manectite

    Evolution stone @ATHARAVA2306
  6. tazzer

    Universal Manectite

    I have a Pinsirite but I want a manectite If any one have it and want my Pinsirite please contact me Ign tazzer
  7. I can give you a shiny unown zero
  8. No luck in getting jar jar anyone else who might have it?
  9. How much exp do you want? @Viraj_shah
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