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  1. I want to ask that does the events like furfrou form event or arceus event repeat again? because i registered lately and missed many events.

  2. in pokemon vortex wiki it said "Kanto Sidequest rewards will always drop an avatar of a Pokémon from the Kanto region." what does it actually means?


    1. Chamancharizad123


      Means you get a reward when you complete any region of sidequests.

      As a reward you got money , 1 avater and 1 item or pokemon  with come exception.




      Number of Battles

      Region Battles In Region Region End Battle No. Completion %
      Kanto 155 155 8%
      Johto 152 307 16%
      Sevii Islands 109 416 22%
      TCG Islands 51 467 25%
      Orange Islands 137 604 32%
      Hoenn 258 862 46%
      Almia 112 974 52%
      Orre 102 1076 58%
      Sinnoh 248 1324 71%
      Unova 158 1482 79%
      Kalos 169 1651 88%
      Alola 219 1870 100%
  3. Can some one tell me how to get other styles of vivllion?

    1. Auke1993


      You can only get one Vivillon pattern per account.
      To obtain the others, you have to trade for them or use PokéBay.

  4. As you Guys know when we beat alolan trial captains and kahunas we recieve z crystals so i was hoping that can we use z moves?

    1. unknown_citizen


      Yeah. I was expecting the same... Z-moves into the game

      However, apparently Admins and few other people have no interest to make them available 😥

    2. inteleon


      As well as me.

      Season 5 Yes GIF by CBS All Access

  5. it's like one week but no cosmog from you bro instead i have to buy it from pokebay auctions and costed me all my money so please i beg you to give me a cosmog i really appreciate it if you give me one (only one will work)
  6. i have putted a pokemon in trades so please accept it and give me dialga
  7. if you are still collecting them i also have one send me friend request my ign is tazzer
  8. tazzer.....let's hope for a Grookey only
  9. Due to new update game says complete gym battles to unlock legendaries and you don't need to beat elite 4 and champions so i defeated all gym leaders.So will it unlock legendaries?
  10. I have completed every gym leader but i don't know how to complete galar region
  11. I would like to buy a charmander squirtle and (bulbasaur as free) and the price is 10000 right?
  12. my ign is tazzer and i don't have any cosmog
  13. My mind was like because i never caught or obtain cosmog so i am really lokking forward to your giveaway i don't have any cosmog so please give me a cosmog please only one will be more than enough
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