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  1. Hello fellow Vortexians!

    I am in intensive need of Shadow Golbat (Halloween) I am trading Mystic Zubat (Halloween) and Zubat (Halloween)×4 for it.


    1. red_wolf_


      alright i will get one for you

    2. tazzer


      @red_wolf_ bro got anything?😅😅

  2. Ohayou Ugzaimas! My fellow Vortexians 😂😂

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    2. Afcacther


      patrick have meme for every ocassion

    3. red_wolf_
    4. Afcacther


      nothing really

  3. Anyone like to tell me the name of the character in my background photo. The one who will tell me will win a prize too.

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    2. xVx-Oreo


      my first shiny legendary lol

    3. tazzer


      @xVx-Oreo don't say it weird it's my favorite anime btw except for "THAT" it's storyline is awesome and I can't wait for it's 5th Chapter. And I am glad you got your first Shiny Legendary was from me.

      Regards Tazzer

      Zacian (Crowned)

    4. xVx-Oreo


      i stopped watching it lol

  4. @whatspoppin12 brother Gen 8 Pokémons are only available in online maps (New maps) except Gen 8 Starters (Grooky Scorbunny and Sooble)
  5. 1.Mewtwo Evolution 2. I am 100% confirm that it is Free de la hoya from beyblade his beyblade me was Fafnir F3 8 Nothing He was the most OP blader of his world but he got defeated by Lui Shirasagi (It was his first loss) after that he trained so hard and then defeated Lui Shirasagi in God Blader's Cup ( Episode 47) and regained his title. You are a fan of him like me. A gif from his battle with Lui Shirasagi: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F11%2F75%2Fd7%2F1175d79d94f8740ccc47e3a6eca10f6f.gif&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest
  6. What do you want for Dark Alcreamie Star? Ign tazzer.
  7. @Captaincam1, @kalipo, @red_wolf_ guys is it just me or Episode 50 of Pokemon Journeys haven't released yet. Cause on my website I haven't gotten it yet. Please help me find it.

    Regards Tazzer

    Zacian (Crowned)

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    2. xVx-Oreo


      they are here ill show u880881882883 there pokemon if they haave id numbers, there fossil pokemon from sword and shield but if u dont belive me here 


    3. red_wolf_
    4. SobblePlayz


      Oreo is right Mewtwo (Shadow)


  8. tazzer

    Universal giveaway

    I don't know if I have won something in this giveaway anyway Ign tazzer
  9. Thanks @DecayingDecoy a Pokemon is in my trades you can offer on it.
  10. Yup bro it's not available in this game but if you found one tell me I'll give 3 Gazillion pkds REALLY
  11. What do you want for Butterfree (Christmas)and Shadow Golbat (Halloween)?
  12. hello


    1. tazzer


      Hi sorry I am late 😔

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