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  1. hello

    can i get everyons gmail plz


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shadow_Lord119


      im asking for my friends like camden and red wolf not some people i dont know


    3. Auke1993


      I recommend not posting this in a public place then.
      If you know them please ask then privately to avoid confusion.

    4. Captaincam1


      Ron yeah like Auke said send me a private message but I will tell you my gmail. 

  2. to talk email 24rwinkler@kimberly.k12.wi.us


    1. red_wolf_


      It's poggers

  4. hey I just started the online pokemon card game and I was woundering if any one has a groudon card in it?

    1. JaydenS


      Are you asking for a cards game?

      Btw this is a vortex game not a card game!

      mel gibson poker GIF

    2. red_wolf_


      I got code if you need them

    3. Shadow_Lord119


      yes plz that would be help full

  5. jerry reed is a god u have to watch the movie smokie and the bandit the trans am is my dream car



  6. well this is it im leaving i might be on during the summer but idk it summer break and i have other stuff to dooooooo



    c u all have fun and live long

  7. ive been thinking: I might just quit vortex i might be on some times but just to see wuts up

    but im a freashmen so i think i might just focus on school and just worry about wut my hair looks likeSad Good Luck Bear GIF by Boomerang Official

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    2. Shiny_Sylveon


      good bye and good luck in school, you were a great friend.

    3. HyperPanther


      Bye Shadow_Lord119 we will miss you 😭Groudon

    4. red_wolf_
  8. hey everyone it been a while and i just wanted to say HI!

    Seth Meyers Lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

  9. Here yet a new song @Capitalization seem how u like all of my songs!!! thanks for the support!!!



  10. Heres todays song it is hard metal but i think u like it i am confused who really song the song but u all know the roll plz like the post if u like the song


  11. heres todays song and is a country so hope u like it. plz like the post if u like the song




  12. heres todays song it is country but plz like the post if you like the song


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