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  1. Hay I know I dont have much followers but I still want to do a give away 


    Prizes are 




    mega blastoise 


    put ur ign down below to win


    I might ad more prizes and the winners will be called on a later date 


    Good luckBest Wishes Good Luck GIF by reactionseditor

  2. Now Some people can be jerks at times of the day and someone might just like to push my buttons and then I become a cussing jerk as some people might realize really the people who know me in real life so today a kid was pushing bu buttons and he pushed the wrong one so...


    I would like to say I dont have any regrets


    And if I was nice to u and u were nice to me Thank You



    @jesterv786  Dont call me kidAngry Mad GIF by Pokémon

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    2. jesterv786


      I did get a single word lol 

      Comment what you want idc kid


    3. Shadow_Lord119


      u see i maybe older than u but i might not show it because i can be a "kid" all i want 


      #nevergoingtogrowupWarner Bros Lol GIF by Joker Movie

    4. Captaincam1



  3. Every one comment what is UR fav poke


    As some might know mine is groudon and poipole


  4. Also If any one dont want poipoles or Groudons I will take them!!!!!Vibing Post Malone GIF by Pokémon

  5. I went into the v5.0 link it said it was coming soon 2020 so am I in 2020?dc comics cosplay GIF by Comic-Con HQ

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    2. red_wolf_


      my greatest fear has come ture 2020 is still here 0_0

    3. foodviro2.0
    4. Shadow_Lord119



       plz someone kill me


  6. So hello ill me ofline a little bit because 1 on Thursday going to Florida and the day I return it's spring break so yah have fun every one!!!!!!Bye Bye Peace GIF by Cappa Video Productions

  7. my new goal for forums is 20 followers  so if everyone can help out here pls!!!!Work Ugh GIF by MOODMAN


  8. Anyone need a job done?

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    2. Captaincam1


      Well whatever good luck with exp jobs 



      i didnt need a exp job i just wanted to see the prices

    4. Shadow_Lord119
  9. hi


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    2. red_wolf_


      good how about you?

    3. Annhonyspirit


      I will trade Pichucan you evolve it to Pikachu and give it back is that ok?



    4. Shadow_Lord119


      ask junimo she did my pikachu! she great

  10. whos that pokemon GIFIf anyone can guess all of these pokemon friend me in the game and tell me

    1. kalipo


      easy peasy lemon squeezy pikachu blaziken serperior jirachi entei mewtwo pachirsu victini darkrai haunter cyndaqui 

    2. red_wolf_
    3. kalipo
  11. Ohh ok, Thank you very much :)) Ill offer something good on it if your friend doesnt offer :))
  12. By the way? Can I offer something on your Cosmog? If not thats alright :))
  13. I would like the Shiny Mega houndoom if possible? Thanks for the giveaway
  14. Love da profile pic of urs

    1. Shadow_Lord119


      i just found it on google

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