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  1. No I don't I blocked him right away. But he took my mewtwo.
  2. Hi people I got scammed by nigu he lied and took my mewtwo, rayquaza mega and my xereneas active for a commen pokemon don't know what to do. Plz ban nigu I looked hard for the mewtwo and I paid a lot for the rayquaza mega and xerenas active.
  3. Sorry guys I got sick a few days ago I couldn't do the draw. But I will do the drawing.
  4. Nishkar, hardieboi, SAMUEL.D.S, flash7765, FrostHaizad, V7xyz, BIVANBLAZE13 and lsy_1997 joined. Sorry if you guys that was not fast to join but remember every Mondays we have giveaways. And good luck to all people ho joined.
  5. Hi guys Today we are doing a giveaway! The rules are the same You write your vortex IGN and then I write your name in a piece of paper and then I will draw a name and see ho got what. And That's all guys. And only 9 people can join. Remember every Mondays we do giveaways. Remember to add me a friend my vortex name is Legendpropandamax or just put a commen pokemon in your trade and I will offer you. Good luck to you all.
  6. Let’s battle in showdown before 3:00 ok

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