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  1. sorry about this report it was not a bug i was just dumb and did not know that you could keep the moves
  2. I also think that Lickilicky could be a could substitute for Snorlax (mega) you just to need to buy the moves
  3. I was scrolling through the local top trainers in australia when i saw this 94. Legend2774510 Points: 175,501 23,939,746 211,856 1,870 107 95. hemp Points: 172,346 29,754,671 39,779 3,773 370 hemp is higher than legend2774510 in every way like exp, battles and unique Pokémon. Is this a bug or is The top trainers calculation of points calculated in another way.
  4. Hi thanks for hosting my ign: Windows_Error
  5. You can't the gigantamax pokemon haven't been released yet for players.
  6. @Quintonboy1 you said a video example is coming so have you created one? if you have please give the link.
  7. i don't need a dark blastoise anymore
  8. ok thnxs for offering though
  9. i just want dark necrozma
  10. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  11. Does anyone know when gigantmax's are going to be released other than in the season battle tower? Also does anyone know around when we can expect the clan depository and what exactly is the concept of it?
  12. Is there a pokemon encounters spreadsheet that i use? i want to know where i can find the rares, legendaries and UB
  13. Is this file deleted because i cant acces it
  14. does anyone k.now about when the clan depository is going to be released it is their but nothing is on the page yet
  15. what do you mean by just remember then name
  16. How is points for global and local top trainers calculated? Is it the same as seasonal top trainers?
  17. Why is it taking so long for the next event is there a big event coming up or are you developers going to release a v6 of Pokémon vortex because of the new clan depository or are like running short on devs or something?
  18. It would be so much better if there was button to filter like Pokémon types e.g. grass, water, fire etc. because if someone urgently needed a certain type of Pokémon, they wouldn't have to go through their list of Pokémon like people who just catches every Pokémon they see. This will cause them going through lots of pages to find a certain type of Pokémon wasting their time.
  19. For some reason i can't chat with one of my friends in the chat when he is online i can't see him in the chat. On his side he can see me in the when i am online but can't message me because it says i blocked him even though i didn't. Does anyone know how to solve this.
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