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COMMONS : I am not listing commons here just look at my profile if you want one . you can give anything for commons. If you want me to list them here i can do that just tell me 


RARES/STARTERS/EVOLUTIONS :  fennekinfroakiechespinchimcharchikoritarowletlittenPOPPLIOsnivypichuprimarinacombuskenempoleonbagonriolumunchlaxbewearampharosbraviarybutterfree3xcoalossalcorvisquirehaunterhaxorusnoctowllycanroc (midnight)mimikyumiloticninetalesnoctowlorbeetleshadow greedentswannaskiploom  vivillon (river)thievul

UNIQUES metallic charmandershiny empoleonshiny cyndaquilshiny grookeymystic rowletmystic fennekinshadow fennekinmetallic chimcharmetallic riolushadow riolushiny noctowlmystic swellowSHINY DUSKNOIRSHINY SKIPLOOMSHINY GREEDENTshiny aggrondark aggronSHINY DIGGERSBYshiny magmortarmetallic dugtrio2X METALLIC BOLDOREmetallic noctowlmetallic sealeomystic weezingmystic bagonmystic noctowlshadow seismitoadshadow orbeetleSHINY FROSLASS





LEGENDS     shiny ho-ohZAMAZENTAkyogremystic groudonmetallic azelfshadow tornadusarticunozapdosvirizionmystic ho-ohcresseliaho-oh tornadusmewdark tornadus manaphymystic manaphyreshiramsuicunetapu finivirizionzygardemetallic tapu lele



MEGAS:shiny beedrill (mega)shiny mawile (mega)SHINY BANETTE (MEGA)BLAZIKEN (MEGA)sceptile (mega)swampert (mega)shiny steelix (mega)rayquaza (mega)shiny aggron (mega)charizard (mega x)dark charizard (mega y)diancie (mega)shiny garchomp (mega)salamence (mega)

EEVEE AND EEVEELUTIONS METALLIC EEVEEeevee5xmystic eevee shiny sylveonSHINY LEAFEONmystic umbreonMYSTIC GLACEONVAPOREONJOLTEONFLAREON     leafeon                                                                                                MORE EEVEELUTIONS WILL BE ADDED SOON


HAPPINESS shiny lopunny (mega)lucariopikachu



EVENTS PIKACHU (PH. D.)xerneas (neutral)(promo code)


UB : necrozma(only for pds) , guzzlord




   Also  looking for red orb and blue orb plz tell if you have i can give any poke listed above for them. shiny rayquazaor shiny rayquaza (mega) also


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I want the Shiny Charmander or Shiny Pichu. Please look into my profile and tell me what you want.

P.S. You can pick my nicknamed pokes,bit not The Gold Cat.

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16 minutes ago, Cha_Fey_S said:

i needshiny riolushiny charmandershiny banette (mega)shiny tapu leleshiny pichu

if its not sold out

pls check my acc what u want

I will give you my shiny riolu nicknamed The Gold Cat. I can remove the nickname.

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