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  1. HI i am looking for 300 immunes if anyone has i will pay in pds
  2. hi i will be finding a lot of immunes from today if anyone wants please tell what lvl you need ,which type of immune such as ground,electric and etc and tell if uniques are ok.
  3. Hi I am very sorry for replying here .But I can do it I am heart trainer ,I am free now .
  4. If anyone has please message me in game
  5. i just caught a rayquaza and dont know how to evovle it can someone tell how to evovle it,i know it needs to know drogan ascent but how
  6. I have 25 latiosite, 7 mewtwonite y and 5 diancite.what will you give
  7. can anyone tell how much is arceus unknown and shiny zeroara worth in pds
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