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  1. I will give you some Pokémon so just wait and put up a normal bad Pokémon
  2. IGN natsu.dragneel i like the Pokémon and the real and the fake
  3. Okay so please put the Pokémon up and your ign so we can trade
  4. Ether metallic or mystic gullzord for a metallic dexoys,shadow groudon,metallic tapu bulu,mystic lugia ign natsu.dragneel
  5. IGN natsu.dragneel pokemon:necrozma dusk form
  6. Hey maxie how does this sound to you for one ultra beast: ub 02 beauty can you get me a shadow palkia or kyogre with a shiny diance
  7. Oh I also going to have some zekrom and. Reshraim And Kyurem spmtard for those as well?
  8. You do have ether a shadow kyogre,shadow palkia,shiny dinace right?
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