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  1. VEER1234

    Genesect Genesis v1


    I have a question Will we be able to use that item after 27th June Or will that also disappear like fist plates after the event ends
  2. VEER1234

    Contest the best joker

    One more as this topic didn't get much response Thisone is really awesome Dentist: “This will hurt a little.” Patient: “OK.” Dentist: “I’ve been having an affair with your wife for a while now.”
  3. VEER1234

    General Metalic Pokemon (Artwork)

    It's just awesome Hope we can see these type of metallics in future updates Just loved it
  4. VEER1234

    Contest the best joker

    IGN VEER1234 An old grandma brings a bus driver a bag of peanuts every day. First the bus driver enjoyed the peanuts but after a week of eating them he asked: "Please granny, don't bring me peanuts anymore. Have them yourself.". The granny answers: "You know, I don't have teeth anymore. I just prefer to suck the chocolate around them."
  5. VEER1234

    Giveaway Giveaway

    1. VEER1234 2. 55 3. Charizard 4. I like vortex because in this game I come in contact with many people who like Pokemon just like I do as well as by playing we learn many things about how a business should be handled by the way we trade and sell Pokemons and items And by the way thanks for the giveaway
  6. VEER1234

    Idea Bank

    I think that you didn't understand my point completely I mean Pokemons (according to their rarity or experience) or important items like beast/vortex balls' could be pledged in return of money. This would avoid spamming
  7. VEER1234

    Idea Bank

    I think that in vortex there should be a bank which would give users loan in return of any item or any Pokemon on the basis of its experience or rarity And if the user will not be able to return the money in the dealt time then the item or the pokemon would be auctioned in pokebay
  8. VEER1234

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN VEER1234 Won 2 from the quizzes and 2 from here but still eager to get more b'coz I am getting many good pokes in return of it
  9. VEER1234

    The Fighting God


    Can I get a fist plate if I keep battling a single player with only one pokemon of level 18
  10. VEER1234

    The Fighting God


    I have a doubt Is there any chance of fist plate to drop while fighting with training accounts
  11. VEER1234

    Giveaway Normal legendary giveaway

    My IGN is VEER1234