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  1. ign: cosmos5 one thing that i love:i love how the game is not p2w. you need to work hard for everything. The game needs tactics and skills. Thanks for giveaway. much appreciate.
  2. it's a hoax, fellas. i repeat .... it's a hoax.
  3. ign: comos10 favourite poke: shadow arceus unknown/shadow fairy thanks for giveaway.much appreciate
  4. thanks wasted for the giveaway....much appreciate
  5. ign: cosmos5......well i helped one of my clan members by giving him a free scytherween because he hadnt played the game for a long time.I felt bad for him......his ign is 'godizlegend'......if i remeber correctly
  6. guys it seems as if there is some problem with my browser itself (google chrome). i switched to opera and now the checkout option is visible.
  7. since last two days whenever i try to buy any item from pokemart, there is no option available for checkout. kindly solve this. i have 0 pokeballs currently.
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