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  1. XenonGx

    Event Giveaway

    IGN: XenonGx Thanks for the giveaway
  2. Well i was kinda thinking if there is any possibility of adding a mining mini-game in the game, where we can mine for certain stones (common/uncommon/rare) and sometimes some rare items, also with the increase in level of mining the higher the rate will be for getting the rare stuffs from mining. Also an implementation of a mining shop where we can trade those stones for cetarin pokes, avatar or pds. (sorry for bad english)
  3. 1) IGN: XenonGx 2) Firstly, i love pokemons and the features of vortex made me quite addicted to it. Secondly, my friends whom i met in the past few months.
  4. IGN: XenonGx As for the 'Into the Unown' event, i think its probably going to be catching some particular unown with ur OT in it and by submitting them in the event center, we'll be receiving a random arceus(unknown). Thank u.
  5. I put up a level 15 patrat for trade, plz offer on that.
  6. IGN: XenonGx Top 3 Favorite Pokemon: Kyurem(Black), Zygarde(Complete), Giratina Why do you want to win: Coz i love pokemons and trying out my luck. Merry Christmas.
  7. IGN: XenonGx I helped a poor kid in the streets by buying him food.
  8. IGN: XenonGx Gotta catch em' all!
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