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  1. Hiya, I've been having issues recovering my account, I haven't played in a little while and now I can't login due to forgetting my password, I've attempted to reset it via the forgotten password option on the website but after trying for 2 days I'm close to giving up, I've raised a support ticket regarding this issue and messaged both @flamescape and @Patrick separately but no luck there either (yet) I can provide any and all information needed to prove I am the owner of my account along with emails and receipts, please give me a hand getting back in the game if possible
  2. I don't see the point in adding another variation of Personally I think we have enough Mewtwo variations. () I think Mewtwo has had his time in the spotlight and we don't necessarily need another one, I can forgive the Arceus' and whatnot due to it being a type change not necessarily a new form like the one you're suggesting. Just my 2 cents.
  3. If anything I'd like to see the normal variants return and only the normal ones, that way those who "missed out" and want them to return have a chance at them, those who currently own the uniques don't have their pokemon devalued in anyway
  4. I disagree. I have a Dark Meltan, it requires 400 candies, I'm happy with that because it means should I ever get said candies, my Melmetal will be incredibly valuable, not just to me but to anyone wanting it. Meltan and Melmetal aren't just your run of the mill pokemon, they're not obtained by any normal means in the games you can use them in, I think what Patrick has done works just fine. It's only 400 candies for a Unique one by the way, normal Meltan evolves with 50 candy.
  5. You can still buy them off Pokebay, they're not all gone. There's another thread just like this one that I believe has some good ideas, Thread Here My opinions on this issue are also on the linked thread
  6. I've never managed to come into this problem, are you sure you're not just clicking somewhere that's redirecting you? Possibly a mouse macro for the back/forward buttons? I'm no developer or anything like that but I personally can't reproduce this error
  7. I would love to see the Star Wars pokemon make a resurgence, but I still believe that the Seasonal Event pokemon should remain legacy and should only if ever come back during those times in boxes and not findable on the map to still retain some/most of their value. Again though, just my personal opinion, I'd love to hear others opinions on it
  8. This would be more of a trade rather than discussion.
  9. There's no limit to catching pokemon, Guzzlord and Poipole are Ultra Beasts and can only be caught in a Beast Ball or a Vortex Ball. as for the status effects on shadow pokemon, possibly bugged, take some screenshots and report it in the bugs section
  10. Check again, sometimes it can take a little while to show. You also want to double check that you've typed your IGN correctly when making the purchase. Worst case scenario and there's been some kind of bug, get in touch with Patrick.
  11. Without evidence it's merely hearsay, you need proof when making these types of claims.
  12. For a or ? (I'm new to the trading scene, please go easy on me if this is low balling, I couldn't find any traded recently)
  13. If I remember correctly all past event pokemon ARE currently in MBoxes, I like the idea but I'm also fine with them being "Legacy" plenty of games have completely unobtainable items, pets, gear ect. The exclusivity of them makes them all the better for those that have them.
  14. I have an abundance of Hyper Potions that I'm trying to use whilst catching pokemon, the count I have does not deplete at all and my pokemon are not being healed. Screenshot Here
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