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  1. For a or ? (I'm new to the trading scene, please go easy on me if this is low balling, I couldn't find any traded recently)
  2. If I remember correctly all past event pokemon ARE currently in MBoxes, I like the idea but I'm also fine with them being "Legacy" plenty of games have completely unobtainable items, pets, gear ect. The exclusivity of them makes them all the better for those that have them.
  3. I have an abundance of Hyper Potions that I'm trying to use whilst catching pokemon, the count I have does not deplete at all and my pokemon are not being healed. Screenshot Here
  4. I've run into an issue after making a purchase. I've raised a support ticket, just trying to gauge how long a response usually takes?
  5. I'm with VITOL on this one, sounds more like a Lottery type situation where you're the only one that wins.
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