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  1. Love both of these ideas! The second one especially. If banning selfish people isn't a possibility, then extending the timer is the next-best solution.
  2. If you did not write this post with malicious intent, you would have chosen the appropriate section to bring up this content, which is certainly not "report scammers" as this implies that you are accusing someone of cheating and therefore trying to publicly shame them and get them banned. As the rules of this part of the forum dictate, doing this is in itself a bannable offence. Regardless though, you will not get your Pokemon back. If you read the trading guidelines, you will see the following: -We do not support trades which involve out-of-game systems such as real-m
  3. So he's not a scammer then, he's just inactive. He had nothing to gain by disappearing and now you've just accused him of being a scammer on a public forum... If you read the "Please read before creating a report" thread, you will see it says this: "When creating a report thread, please make sure to be as informative and thorough as possible. At minimum a report must include the scammer's username, the scam message, and a screenshot as proof. Any user who tries to create a false report in an attempt to get an innocent player banned, will be punished with a ban"
  4. I like this idea. I would add that the top five should get a unique Porygon on top of coins for a unique bird I do however disagree on the prices for the lower ranks. I reckon they should be lower to still ensure a degree of rarity
  5. I don't believe that removing Porygon Hammer, Sword and Shield as seasonal prizes is a good idea, and having spoken to several others about this, I know many people agree. Completing the Pokedex is an integral part of the Pokemon games and it will be virtually impossible to complete the Pokedex by removing these from circulation. They are some of the rarest Pokemon in the game with numbers of each unique provided at the bottom of this post. They are already very difficult to obtain. Almost all of them are in the hands of collectors who will not sell at any cost (or inactive account
  6. -Necrozma for 1.5k coins to make it more accessible ahead of the event. Necro prices are ridiculous now. Last time I looked the most expensive UB (non-Necro) was 10mil and the cheapest unique Necro was 12mil, going up to 40mil+ for shinies (haven't looked for a while now so these prices may be very outdated but I think prices may have gone up further since then) -10 Meltan candies for 500 coins, or 25 for 1.5k. Of course exact numbers are up for debate but it's going to take several months just for a single unique Melmetal. That of course means not being able to buy other items whi
  7. My biggest problem is that I'm so good at seasonals, people don't believe that I won it on my own
  8. Oh god, are we really starting this nonsense again?? You do realise that the same guy winning the lottery several times: a) Does not have any impact on your chances of winning whatsoever, and b) DOES increase your chance of getting an Unknown due to increased circulation/people winning duplicates and being willing to sell Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only person here with an understanding of how basic market forces/economics work... If you buy more tickets, you have a higher chance of winning. If someone has taken the time to realise that hig
  9. I've been training my Shiny Porygon (Sword) on one of the immunity training accounts - TypeNormal. Obviously shinies that have not taken damage should have 500hp. The majority of the time this is the case, however sometimes it only has 450hp. I've been battling the same account repeatedly and this seems to happen sporadically. Once I reach the next battle it will go back to 500hp for several battles before the occasional 450hp battle again. This is the case on both the screen below, and whilst in the battle screen. https://gyazo.com/17137c78521dd0eaf3ae78d48bf5d748
  10. The odds of winning from a single ticket are 1 in 19,600. If you buy more tickets, of course you have a higher chance of winning. If you spend 1billion on tickets (40,000 tickets) then of course you have a very high chance of winning a bare minimum of one, if not more each week. This is primary school maths. A really simple concept to understand If you read the Wiki, you will see that "Theoretically it is possible for every single person who enters to win as well as it being possible for no one to win." Mr Chemicals can win 100 times in a week and this will have no imp
  11. If someone sends you a friend request in game, and you're already friends with them, the friend request will appear regardless. If you click 'accept' then a loading screen will appear and nothing else will happen. This will only go away once you refresh the screen, but the request will still be there. Surely if you're already friends with someone, the request should not appear at all?
  12. I think all Pokemon that are no longer available (other than through Pokebay/trade) such as Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon and Mewtwo Evolution should be brought back at various points. At the moment, many of these Pokemon either belong to users who don't intend to sell/trade them, or inactive users who have not played in several years. I was thinking Mewtwo Evolution could be brought back in quizzes every September (just as it was the quiz reward last September) Past Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon could be brought back around their respective dates each year. Perha
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