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  1. My biggest problem is that I'm so good at seasonals, people don't believe that I won it on my own
  2. Oh god, are we really starting this nonsense again?? You do realise that the same guy winning the lottery several times: a) Does not have any impact on your chances of winning whatsoever, and b) DOES increase your chance of getting an Unknown due to increased circulation/people winning duplicates and being willing to sell Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only person here with an understanding of how basic market forces/economics work... If you buy more tickets, you have a higher chance of winning. If someone has taken the time to realise that hig
  3. I've been training my Shiny Porygon (Sword) on one of the immunity training accounts - TypeNormal. Obviously shinies that have not taken damage should have 500hp. The majority of the time this is the case, however sometimes it only has 450hp. I've been battling the same account repeatedly and this seems to happen sporadically. Once I reach the next battle it will go back to 500hp for several battles before the occasional 450hp battle again. This is the case on both the screen below, and whilst in the battle screen. https://gyazo.com/17137c78521dd0eaf3ae78d48bf5d748
  4. The odds of winning from a single ticket are 1 in 19,600. If you buy more tickets, of course you have a higher chance of winning. If you spend 1billion on tickets (40,000 tickets) then of course you have a very high chance of winning a bare minimum of one, if not more each week. This is primary school maths. A really simple concept to understand If you read the Wiki, you will see that "Theoretically it is possible for every single person who enters to win as well as it being possible for no one to win." Mr Chemicals can win 100 times in a week and this will have no imp
  5. If someone sends you a friend request in game, and you're already friends with them, the friend request will appear regardless. If you click 'accept' then a loading screen will appear and nothing else will happen. This will only go away once you refresh the screen, but the request will still be there. Surely if you're already friends with someone, the request should not appear at all?
  6. I think all Pokemon that are no longer available (other than through Pokebay/trade) such as Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon and Mewtwo Evolution should be brought back at various points. At the moment, many of these Pokemon either belong to users who don't intend to sell/trade them, or inactive users who have not played in several years. I was thinking Mewtwo Evolution could be brought back in quizzes every September (just as it was the quiz reward last September) Past Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon could be brought back around their respective dates each year. Perha
  7. I just feel the seasons drag on and it's hard to stay motivated to go through them when the highest incentive is a few master balls. I suggested those prizes as they're very hard to obtain through just the current methods. Adding them as rare sidequest prizes would still mean they're very rare (like orbs or fossils) but at the same time, they become more accessible. For the Porygons you have to grind constantly for a whole month, and may still fall short (I should know, I finished 6th a while back after grinding continuously). Arceus Unknown on the other hand has a 1 in 125,000 chance of b
  8. The sidequests are very long and can be boring in parts. I find the most dull parts are some of the minor regions where the prizes are, at best, master balls. Also the longer regions drag on quite a bit. I reckon it would be better if the longer regions were cut to below 200 battles and perhaps some of the other regions shortened, or even scrapped. I also think the minor region prizes should be changed so there's at least something exciting to aim for. For example, the rare prizes could be random fossils from any region, orbs or even Furfrou forms, premium Pokemon. Perh
  9. Great to trade with, thanks!
  10. If you have any of the following, that would be great! IGN is Fred111, it's better to message me on there than here: Articuno: Mystic Zapdos: Shiny Mewtwo: Shiny/Dark/Mystic/Metallic Mewtwo Mega X: Dark/Mystic/Metallic Mewtwo Mega Y: Shiny/Dark/Metallic Raikou: Shiny/Shadow Entei: Dark Suicune: Dark Lugia: Shiny Regice: Dark Latias: Shiny/Dark/Shadow Latios: Shiny/Shadow Latios Mega: Shiny Kyogre: Shiny Kyogre Primal: Normal/Shiny/Dark/Mystic/Metallic/Shadow Groudon: Shiny/Dark Groudon Primal: Normal/Sh
  11. I am looking for the following Vivillons: Archipelago: shiny/dark/shadow Continental: dark/metallic Elegant: shiny/mystic Fancy: shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow Garden: dark/mystic/metallic/shadow High Plains: shiny/dark/mystic Icy Snow: shiny Jungle: shiny/shadow Marine: shiny/dark/metallic/shadow Meadow: COMPLETE Modern: dark/mystic/metallic Monsoon: dark/metallic Ocean: mystic/metallic/shadow Pokeball: shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow Polar: COMPLETE River: shiny/mystic/shadow Sandstorm: shiny/mys
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