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  1. What Pokemon do u guys want me to put on PokeBay? Here are the choices, ,,,, , or P.S Hope u are having a good day!!!!! I love you guys. Also, only 4 can get in.
  2. I just beat every single Gym Trainer in the whole game!!!
  3. What the heck just happened to the game it just quit and then took a while to reload.sobble

  4. Great Job Cha_Fey_S you got a and great job SamuelD.S you got a . Entei Oshawott P.S winners must message me to tell me that they are online and they are ready to get their reward.
  5. I am giving away a Dark and a dark . Only two will win, I am putting the names on a name generator to see who wins. Entei Oshawott P.S Reply if you want in and only 6 people can join.
  6. I can trade you a level 60 mystic for a Entei Rayquaza
  7. I caught my first legendary!!!!!!articuno


  8. why cant i find any legendary pokemon i defeated all the gym trainers.

    1. Auke1993


      You likely can, but just have been unlucky.
      Legendary Pokémon are called Legendary for a reason, they are very rare.
      It may take a long time before any are encountered.

    2. Pikachu0705


      You can find but they are rare,hard to find them

  9. how do i beat giovanni
  10. i love this community, this one of the best pokemon games ever thank you so much
  11. good morning everyone!!!!scorbunny

  12. how do i get in a clan


    1. Pikachu0705



      首先,按您的帳戶按鈕,然後按氏族, then search dark best clan , then you can join my clan!006

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