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God needs yer Pokemon not yer prayerz

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Yes boys and girls(girls on the internet lul), God here needing your Pokemon cause your prayers were damn useless.

help me get stuffs I need or Pheen will hurt me, he is very abusive


 stuff I need 


 Unevolved Pokemon 


Shadow SquirtleDark CaterpieMystic CaterpieMystic WeedleMetallic Nidoran (F)Metallic Nidoran (M)Metallic PsyduckMystic PsyduckShadow PsyduckMystic SlowpokeShadow DoduoShiny DoduoMystic ShellderShadow LickitungMystic KoffingShadow KoffingMystic TangelaMetallic HorseaMystic HorseaShadow HorseaShiny HorseaMetallic GoldeenMystic GoldeenShiny LaprasMetallic EeveeMystic EeveeMetallic TotodileMystic TotodileShiny TotodileMetallic LedybaDark ChinchouMetallic ChinchouMystic ChinchouShadow ChinchouShiny ChinchouMystic CleffaDark IgglybuffMystic IgglybuffMetallic Natu

Dark MareepMetallic MareepMystic MareepShiny HoppipMystic MisdreavusMetallic SnubbullMystic SwinubDark RemoraidMystic RemoraidShiny RemoraidMetallic TyrogueShiny TyrogueDark Smoochum


 Evolved Pokemon 


Shadow WartortleShadow BlastoiseDark MetapodMetallic MetapodMetallic ButterfreeMetallic NidorinaDark NidorinoDark ClefairyMystic ClefairyMetallic JigglypuffMystic JigglypuffShadow GolduckMystic CloysterMetallic HitmonleeMetallic ChanseyMystic ChanseyDark SeadraMetallic SeadraMystic SeadraShiny SeadraMetallic SeakingMystic SeakingShiny SeakingMystic Mr. MimeDark JynxMetallic VaporeonMystic VaporeonMystic JolteonMetallic CroconawMetallic FeraligatrMetallic LedianMystic LanturnShadow LanturnMetallic XatuDark FlaaffyMetallic FlaaffyMystic FlaaffyMetallic SkiploomShiny SkiploomShiny JumpluffDark QuagsireMetallic PiloswineShiny PiloswineMystic HoundoomMystic Pupitar




Metallic ArticunoMystic ArticunoShadow ArticunoDark MewtwoMetallic MewtwoMystic MewtwoShadow MewtwoDark Mewtwo (Mega X)Metallic Mewtwo (Mega X)Mystic Mewtwo (Mega X)Metallic Mewtwo (Mega Y)Mystic Mewtwo (Mega Y)Shiny EnteiShiny SuicuneMystic Ho-oh




Mystic Missingno.Dark Diglett (Christmas)Shadow Diglett (Christmas)


 my offers 

 EXP:  I can train 25,000 for a non evolved Pokemon or 75,000 for an evolved Pokemon.

 Legends:  Most of what I have is listed below but it doesn't hurt to ask, I have a lot more.

 Non Legends:  I have 400 pages of non legends so just ask. If you give me a list of what you need I will check if I have it for you.

 Fossils:  Most of the fossils I have are listed below under legends. Ask if you need a specific one though, I may have it.




Metallic DeoxysMetallic GiratinaMetallic Rayquazax2*Metallic SuicuneMetallic CelebiMetallic ZygardeMetallic DarkraiMetallic GenesectMetallic RaikouMetallic Terrakionx3Metallic Shaymin (Sky)x3Metallic PalkiaMetallic EnteiMetallic LandorusMetallic UxieMetallic ZekromMetallic Yveltal

Shiny DeoxysShiny DialgaShiny GroudonShiny LandorusShiny Rayquaza*Shiny RotomShiny RegigigasShiny MespritShiny UxieShiny SuicuneShiny VirizionShiny Diancie

Dark JirachiDark Rayquazax2*Dark HeatranDark KeldeoDark ArticunoDark PalkiaDark GenesectDark Virizionx2Dark ZygardeDark Yveltal

Mystic LatiasMystic Rayquazax2*Mystic PalkiaMystic VictiniMystic YveltalMystic MewMystic TornadusMystic Cresselia

Shadow KeldeoShadow PalkiaShadow CresseliaShadow Rayquazax2*Shadow ZekromShadow DarkraiShadow Mewx2Shadow TerrakionShadow Virizion



ShieldonShieldonShieldonShieldonKabutoKabutoOmanyteOmanyteOmanyteMystic Cranidos

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2 hours ago, JaymzIsUS said:

Hi man!

Shadow Zapdosfor Dark Rayquaza?

Sorry :/

2 hours ago, rishivojjala014-2 said:

my Shadow Zapdosfor free?
where do i offer u have too many ign's xD 
@JaymzIsUS sorry to spoil your profits :P 

Togepi UFT on IGN KappaDex :) Thanks man!

2 hours ago, dropthat said:

Do you check IGNs aswell?  so, Check my dupes (dropthat) in discord :)

I will check this.

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4 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

Pheen will hurt me, he is very abusive


On the topic of yer thingy, I have a spare shadow digmas (I'm the ot). How many unique leggies could I get for it?

Edited by eurstin
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On 6/27/2017 at 10:54 PM, KYNO said:

Check my ign ken000 for the stuff you need

I need: Dark MewtwoMetallic%20Mewtwo%20(Mega%20X).gifMystic%20Mewtwo.gifShadow%20Squirtle.gifShiny%20Entei.gif

choose 5 legends for those?

On 6/28/2017 at 0:56 AM, himanshu24092002 said:

i have those digletts your offer?

i need events only

Not interested anymore.

On 6/28/2017 at 7:15 AM, dropthat said:


Yes, I need Shiny Suicunechoose a legend for it?

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