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  1. Okay, That's fine How much exp for ?
  2. That's not what i meant. 10m exp on my heracross(Aldready there) for training something else. 1m exp on each poke or whatever.
  3. Fly's Training. That's weird. Change it to H-fly. How about 10m On a ? I could discount it for you.
  4. Giveaway

    Iluminati Anyway, IGN: dropthat. Number:486
  5. I have a With 10m exp. How much exp can you do for it?
  6. Universal

    @Prophecy How much exp can you do for (10M exp on it) And ?
  7. I don't. But you can do it in the same account for a long time!
  8. Uniques

    Ellow tyh! I need your (Fail, Idk 'bout the spelling) I can offer .
  9. Experience

    Do you hunt for leggies aswell?
  10. Universal

    Mine. facepalms
  11. Universal

    Exp. I don't have any solid/ Good amount of exp, So yeah.
  12. Legendaries

    I don't really have that exp, The rest are botted, Can't give it to ya ;(
  13. Universal

    I don't really know, PM. Yes, YOUR rates.
  14. Why do you want to train in two accounts? You do it in H-Fly. But Map work can also be done there! I know no one can do the double trick.
  15. Universal

    Gods, Tryna Get to the top? If so, Get yourself botters. JK. I want to know you're rates.