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  1. I'm needing Legendaries. Are you on discord?
  2. Any other events you're accepting?
  3. What about Unique Vivillon Fancy?
  4. Ign:dropthat Well hey I do respect your hardwork.
  5. It's just that my progress was frozen Ohh.. sorry,was inactive... could ya train for me again-Sorry... too inactive.. On my
  6. Doesn't seem to be active. No exp added. Just give it back. @carrliam761
  7. It's been weeks now! What happened? Why you ain't training mine? Sorry for Double posting.
  8. Any estimates for when will my work be completed? (On ) @carrliam761
  9. I'm good to offer and cubone vader and a lot of Unique leggies!
  10. Any estimates for when will my work be completed? (On )
  11. Ign:dropthat No.16 Entered your stupid server!!
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