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  1. Hi already shinyred uploaded the screenshot there, bcos I am unable to upload pls help to get my  mettalic deoxys attack back

    1. omg414


      Hope you get them back! Also trade with only trusted users mate!

    2. karthikuu


      Yes thanks I am waiting for the admins pls help and update... 

  2. Hi team admins guy's pls help me Oliver Skype said that 40mil for my deoxys but he cheated me I have given him deoxys but he is not giving me the pokedollars I need my deoxys attack back pls help me He is deleting the chats also pls help Me to get my pokemon back sorry I am unable to upload the screen shot
  3. I like the changes but it should be legit in terms of experience...
  4. karthikuu

    Halloween 2017

    Excited about the event
  5. Bro i ll give u shadow Rockstar & popstar..
  6. Bro I have shadow Rockstar & pop star.wat can u offer for them, I am looking for water's
  7. Hi bro u interested in normal volcanion + cosplay Unique shadow
  8. Bro I need Waters I ll offer cosplays
  9. Trading cosplays for Unique complete or Water's
  10. Wat can I get for Unique cosplays with unbanned ot
  11. Trading cosplays for Waters or complete...
  12. Hi I am trading cosplay for Unique complete...
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