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  1. Have good luck in your walk my mate and when you come back to play, remember, that you are always welcome IGN: HiroMandi Song: Linkin Park - In the End Anime: Dragon Ball Super TV show: Games of thrones Thanks for giveaway
  2. Number: 7 IGN: HiroMandi Congrats on the admission UnclePsychic, believe me, you will have a future in your glorious walk.
  3. IGN: HiroMandi Good luck on your journey demonstriker :*( and thanks very much for the giveaway
  4. How to participate in the event? Do you need to download Discord?
    1. leander4
    2. HiroMandi90


      OHH, lol, thanks

    3. salil_95


      where do i register for an event?
      I've completed all the trainers in the "Events" section. Still I got event tickets

  5. I'm in love with my new profile picture :x

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    2. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      It is nice and cool. I love it, too. ;)


    3. HiroMandi90
    4. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Your welcome, broski. :) Stay awesome my friend. ;)


  6. IGN: HiroMandi 1. Shiny Giratina (Origin) 2. CaptainX An honest guy for making this giveaway 3. It will depend on your taste, in case you want to earn well, I would choose a professional trained in Administration, as a sales director, and have a great salary after graduating
  7. HiroMandi Against Dark and Ghost type Against Dragon, Water, Stone and Ground type Against Fighting, Poison, Dark, Fighting and Dragon type Now just choose one of these for your team to stay perfect, I would use it in place of the Shiny Infernape this pokémon Shiny Blaziken(Mega) that is perfect against Normal,Metallic,Rock,Insect,Dark, Water,Ground,Rock,Electric type
  8. Maybe my eyes were grounded, must be what could have happened
  9. Thank you very much, it helped me a lot.
  10. How many battles does it take to win 1 heart? Would anyone know to answer me? Please
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