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  1. Music

    10/10 i love that music .. lol
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    HiroMandi Number: 5 Thanks for giveaway!
  3. Giveaway

    Number: 7 IGN: HiroMandi Congrats on the admission UnclePsychic, believe me, you will have a future in your glorious walk.
  4. General

    Here is mine:
  5. Giveaway

    IGN: HiroMandi Good luck on your journey demonstriker :*( and thanks very much for the giveaway
  6. Game

    we kwnow that is a damn lie bpo I love Eevees evolutions !!
  7. How to participate in the event? Do you need to download Discord?
    1. leander4


      no register

    2. HiroMandi90


      OHH, lol, thanks

    3. salil_95


      where do i register for an event?
      I've completed all the trainers in the "Events" section. Still I got event tickets

  8. I'm in love with my new profile picture :x

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    2. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      It is nice and cool. I love it, too. ;)


    3. HiroMandi90


      ;) Thanks very much my friend @MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.

    4. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Your welcome, broski. :) Stay awesome my friend. ;)


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    IGN: HiroMandi 1. Shiny Giratina (Origin) 2. CaptainX An honest guy for making this giveaway 3. It will depend on your taste, in case you want to earn well, I would choose a professional trained in Administration, as a sales director, and have a great salary after graduating