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  1. DipDip

    Universal Have some rares, Shiny rotoms, primal Groudon

    4m + normie pichumas for groudon primal
  2. Being called scammer by 12y/o after I sniped the auction twice. Ideally I just block/ignore and move on but I don't like false acquisitions and I don't want ppl to think I scam them. What do u suggest I do? Can't even reason with the kid bc I got blocked
  3. DipDip

    Universal Have some rares, Shiny rotoms, primal Groudon

    is primal groudon normie?
  4. DipDip

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    Wooo thanks! You can offer on one of the Pichu (notched) on my trades. Thanks again and merry christmas to you as well
  5. DipDip

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    IGN: DipDip Fav Pokes: Why do I want to win: Winning feels good Thanks for doing this. Merry xmas
  6. DipDip

    Resolved FalseSwipeKOPokes

    False swipe works as a 40 dmg normal type move. This is a known mechanic of the game. I don't think it's accurate to report it as a bug
  7. DipDip


    Alolan pokeleri side questlerde 1651 seviyesini gecticten sonra haritalarda bulabilirsin. Hani nasil normal gymleri bitirdikten sonra legendary pokemonlar haritada cikiyor ya, onun gibi. Side questler hakkinda daha fazla bilgi icin: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests#Alola
  8. DipDip

    Answered How to get more eggs

    The event update reads: So, after winning a clan battle, you have chance of getting an egg. This screenshot is taken from discord. For that, you need to be in a clan. Simply head over to your clan page (you can do that by clicking your clan name at top left) go to clan battles and battle your opponent. There are some clans recruiting currently. You can join the official pokemon vortex discord for more info. Here is the invite link: https://discord.gg/pokemonvortex Another way to get eggs is to purchase them from auction.
  9. DipDip

    Answered Steel,Ghost Training

    > typeghost This doesn't exist. Check the profile page of TypeNormal for more info.
  10. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    Ah ye, idk how it is on mobile, sorry. As for egg drops, it's pretty random. It's normal to not to get any from long hours of farming
  11. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    Might be due to disabling pop-ups or other things on your web browser preferences. Do u get any notifications for auction outbids, friend/trade requests? If u want to test that u can msg me on Discord, my tag is Dip#5558
  12. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    I got a few, here is the one where I took a pic
  13. My offer is 108 ghost/flying/normal type level 6 poke. I have them available. If you accept or want to negotiate contact me on Discord. I messaged to you prior and you weren't that responding. My offer is valid for 24 hours. ---- Deal was completed, the said Shiny Groudon Primal was 1.45m exp instead of 1.8m but it's no big deal. Thanks for business
  14. DipDip

    Contest Regice Giveaway

    ign: DipDip Shellder Thanks
  15. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    You need to hatch a total of 25 eggs to open up 2nd incub slot 100 eggs to open up 3rd incub slot Yes it is possible to get 24h egg from wild battles. GL!