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  1. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    Ah ye, idk how it is on mobile, sorry. As for egg drops, it's pretty random. It's normal to not to get any from long hours of farming
  2. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    Might be due to disabling pop-ups or other things on your web browser preferences. Do u get any notifications for auction outbids, friend/trade requests? If u want to test that u can msg me on Discord, my tag is Dip#5558
  3. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    I got a few, here is the one where I took a pic
  4. My offer is 108 ghost/flying/normal type level 6 poke. I have them available. If you accept or want to negotiate contact me on Discord. I messaged to you prior and you weren't that responding. My offer is valid for 24 hours. ---- Deal was completed, the said Shiny Groudon Primal was 1.45m exp instead of 1.8m but it's no big deal. Thanks for business
  5. DipDip

    Contest Regice Giveaway

    ign: DipDip Shellder Thanks
  6. DipDip

    Answered Incubating Slot

    You need to hatch a total of 25 eggs to open up 2nd incub slot 100 eggs to open up 3rd incub slot Yes it is possible to get 24h egg from wild battles. GL!
  7. Edit: It appears it's mostly a visual bug that doesn't have an actual affect on the seasonal points, so no worries. Resolved. Supposedly, Link: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/8740-seasonal-top-trainers/ So I caught a lv 7 shiny Litwick today. I had shiny litwick from the past but it was my first in the season so it counted as unique and I got seasonal points. However, I never had shiny Lampent/Chandelure. Anyways, I trained the shiny Litwick and evolved into shiny Lampent. It didn't count as unique for the seasonal and I didn't get any seasonal points. From my understanding, even if I had shiny Lampent from before, it should have counted as unique since it was my first shiny Lampent for this season. I repeated the bug for Litwick's 3rd evo. Here I'm showing both the ID of the pokemon (so you can verify that I caught it this season) and my box (so you see that I don't own a shiny Chandelure). As you can see after the evo, I got no seasonal points. https://gfycat.com/agedteemingfieldmouse Edit: ID of the poke is #0022599120, you can also see it in the gif above.
  8. A while ago there was a training account called TNormal. It had Lunalas with ghost moves so it was really good to train rattatas and other normal pokes with dark moves. Idk what happened to it but that account is no longer good for training. So I made new account with same purpose. Basically 6 Lunalas with ghost moves. The account name is x4normal Idk if there was a known, working training account for this purpose already. In any case now there is this account so, happy training : ) Edit: So I found that an account for this already exist and its name is TypeNormal. I wish I learned about it sooner but owell
  9. DipDip

    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    I am able to evolve (meadow). I can help by evolving spewpas for free.
  10. DipDip

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    DipDip Reality stone Bubbles (heh) Thor. He's a sexy beast
  11. DipDip

    Answered False swipe question

    No it does not. It does not leave the pokemon with 1 HP.
  12. ign: DipDip I think I won more than +30 cosmogs so far but if you're giving them away for free I'll take my chances. Thanks for doing this btw.
  13. DipDip

    Fixed Paralyze Heal crashes the game

    This is what I'm talking about, I edited the original post with a gif showing the bug.
  14. When paralyze heal is used in wild battle on a pokemon that's not paralyzed, the game crashes. Edit: