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  1. All training accounts don't work for small level pokes. U should try dark, fairy, ground and flying type pokes and use their training accounts respectively
  2. Ign - PrathameshMI3 Thanks for the giveaway
  3. Hi blackgoku Schwulll tried to do same with me but he is a scammer Beware of him
  4. Hello Thanks for the giveaway My ign - PrathameshMI3 My favourite arceus type is shiny arceus dark
  5. My ign - PrathameshMI3 Thanks for this super giveaway
  6. I was once silenced by a discord mod only for being patriot for my country . Ign = Prathameshmi3
  7. I've many 5 to 6 lvl pokes . U may check my acc . Also I've eevees . Ign - PrathameshMI3
  8. IGN - PrathameshMI3 Congrats on your successful 2 years in the game. Hope u come with even more
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