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  1. trading and ________________________________________
  2. they only wanna suggest an update and you called them stupid
  3. shiny mewshiny mewtwoshiny greninja

    1. Akhi45763


      Hey there!

    2. Akhi45763


      So is this some sort of code or just random pokemons?

    3. galaxyeve101


      random pokemon e

  4. trading a mega evolved skeptile. im levelling it up soon

  5. hey so i defeated the kanto gyms and the orange island and idk what to do i still havent gotten my kanto ribbon can anyine help? ty

    1. Auke1993


      You have all required Badges. You should have the Kanto Ribbon to find the Gen 1 Legendaries.

  6. looking for a shiny eevee, trading 10 shinies for one, heres the shiny pokemon ill trade for one


    -shiny applin

    -shiny bronzor

    -shiny chatot

    -shiny doduo

    -shiny cutiefly

    -shiny glossifluer

    -shiny hatenna (might keep)

    -shiny horsea

    -shiny houndour

    -shiny mawile

    1. tazzer


      It's my friendly suggestion to you to change your offer bcz it's impossible to get an Eevee with those Pokemons.




  7. oh, welp time to go back to making my mega swampert more OP
  8. so i defeated every kanto gym and didnt get the kanto ribbon, idk what to do since i only started this game so can someone help? cuz its supposed to spawn a legendary
  9. rip, im on the last kanto gym leader (sadly my pokemon are weaker than them and isnt any thats super affective against it) so if i go into fungal cave on the floor where you can get mewtwo, would i encounter one?
  10. ohhh people have gotten legendarys withouth that tho
  11. i have am trying to get a mew or necrozma in route 2 any tips on how to get legendarys? im new here
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