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  1. josephlegendry

    Universal Trading lots of Normal, Unique Legends & Events.

    Have unique dratinis and unique gobble and shadow riolu will u be happy to trade with me
  2. josephlegendry

    Universal I need unique torchics.

    Yes I have one IGN Josephlegendry
  3. josephlegendry

    Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    Can u plz hunt arceus ice for me I can give u a dark digillet Christmas and some unique mewtwo and giratina will that be ok
  4. josephlegendry

    Answered Quick doubt

    First of all , I am amazed with v4 , 2 questions how to get rotom forms and how to know the no of entries of a rare pokemon plz answer fast
  5. josephlegendry

    Contest My game and last grand giveaway

    Mewtwo armor Entei raikou suicune Zektom kyuerum reshiram Darkrai Number 11 Ign josephlegendry
  6. josephlegendry

    Giveaway Soup's 6th Giveaway! *Ended*

    Ign josephlegendry Awesome give away If I win plz offer me on any pokemon
  7. josephlegendry

    Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    Ign josephlegendry Number 11 Great event
  8. josephlegendry


    Ign josephlegendry my favorite Pokemon is mewtwo curse it is the coolest
  9. josephlegendry

    Giveaway Nebby Family Giveaway!

    My ign is josephlegendry I want to reason why mewtwo is the most powerful pokemon being cloned from mew to possess almost all powers of mew and in the movie it mentions mewtwo is powerful than mew + I can evolve to 2 mega evolutions and one is fighting type.also mewtwo is not in control of arceus because it was created by humans against the law of nature .we can't say arceus is powerful than mewtwo sice there is no movie mentioning it .just because arceus created universe doesn't make it most powerful.Like the fact that a person who builds the house is better than one who lives in it also mewtwo is unique since it is the only pokemon which has 2 movies on its own.
  10. josephlegendry


    Thx I won again but no fighting and by space pokemon it does not mean a pokemon that controls space it can be a pokemon that lives in space like arceus. TECGAMERS plz offer my prize of this event and the previous one on some non unique nonlegends of mine plz reply
  11. josephlegendry


    Plz offer my pokemon on any normal nonlegends plz
  12. josephlegendry


    Arceus cause it comtrols palkia and it controls space. Ign josephlegendry
  13. josephlegendry

    Events Goketa Trading Thread

    A shadow missing no and a shadow complete for a donation deal plz reply
  14. josephlegendry

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Guys plz tell me what is an armor worth anyway also sorry godswithin ii admit I was greedy and I paid the price I got cheated for an armor I list all my events for it now I want to trade it plz comment I also want to trade a shadow missing no and a shiny lunala plz Reply with ur best offer can I get a donation for it
  15. josephlegendry


    Yes finally I won a give away so do u offer me or I offer u plz reply