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  1. Giveaway

    Ign josephlegendry
  2. Ign josephlegendry. Thxa
  3. Answered

    Can any one plz tell me why is a drariny icon present sometimes in map 10 does that mean that mystic dratini level 5 is in that map plz tell me . is there a special map or place to find it plz answer
  4. Ign josephlegendry
  5. I have got a mystic zygrade complete for any one interested I like some unique electrics and waters offer me reply fast
  6. Giveaway

    Ign josephlegendry .traded one
  7. I have a cosmog for trade if u want it offer water or electrics user name is josephlegendry
  8. How much is a mystic rowlet actually worth plz reply
  9. I have a rare 99 level mystic rowlet for trade my ign is josephlegendry. Offer me fast like events like water and eletrick plz offer and message me
  10. Why can't I get the page for discord, all that appears is a blank page ,I am using mobile to play. Also if I sign into discord is there any problem is it run by vortex guys . does it demand something or is it like vortex forums plz reply fast I want to get a cosmog
  11. Contest

    Amrita,anugraha, arpita,anjali,anusha,anulekha,aruna,apoorva etc is it my ign is josephlegendry offer on any normal pokemon if I win
  12. Contest

    Indira ,indravathi,Etc is it any other clue
  13. Contest

    It is a mouse surely my ign is josephlegendry
  14. Answered

    Will the pokemons with banned original trainer will be banned or removed in v4 will some compensation will be given plz answer fast
  15. I have a zygrade complete mystic for trade user name is josephlegendry. Offer me like a lot of unique waters and electric s plz reply and offer fast