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  1. Ign: Shhh_ Song: See you again TV show: The flash, Arrow, Supergirl, legends of tomorrow and gotham.
  2. Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

  3. Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

    IGN: Shhh_ Number: 42
  4. Giveaway My Birthday Giveaway

    Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway! Ign: Shhh_ Fav Pokemon:
  5. Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

    Ign: Shhh_
  6. Giveaway mrnxmndrgt Raffles #1

    Ign: Shhh_
  7. Which pokemon/pokemons you guys planning to train during double exp?
  8. Answered discord invite expired

    You are banned from chatroom. That's the reason it's expired for you.
  9. Game Staff vs. Members

  10. Music Beats

    Started learning how to make beats ^-^ My first beat: Hope you guys like it! Will upload more later. Follow me on soundcloud if you can Not playing Dhol or tabla @Patrick
  11. I Am Your Father

    Patrick-Today at 8:47 PM one per account, ip and computer.
  12. I Am Your Father