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  1. Anna9.

    Giveaway My Birthday Giveaway

    IGN: Anna9 Fav pokemon: Happy Birthday KYNO!
  2. Anna9.

    Universal New and improved exp training

    My for 250k exp on my ?
  3. Anna9.

    i make giveaway brosis

    Congratz winners!
  4. Anna9.

    i make giveaway brosis

    IGN: Anna9 Thanks for the giveaway!
  5. IGN: Anna9 Cosmogs:1 Thanks!
  6. Anna9.

    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    My vivillon type is if interested than tell me...
  7. Anna9.

    Giveaway Universal Unique Giveaway #1

    Ign: Anna9 Thanks!
  8. Thank you,All my Pokemons are UFT you can offer me IGN; Anna9
  9. Anna9.

    Giveaway Haxor69's Giveaway.

    IGN:Anna9 Thanks for the giveaway!
  10. IGN:Anna9 No Cosmogs Thanks for the giveaway
  11. Anna9.

    General Shiny Fairy Arceus Giveaway

    Ign:Anna9 Thanks
  12. 1.Ign:Anna9 2.Favourite Pokémon:Volcanion 3.You make very good banners..