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  1. That doesn't make it any less irritating.
  2. Patrick, if you're reading this I know that you will NEVER decrease the 10 second battle thing, that's fine. However, any human with any competence whatsoever can beat an opponent with 2 Pokémon in under 10 seconds. This is mostly an issue with sidequests. I don't think it would be completely unreasonable to decrease that limit for 2 Pokémon opponents during sidequests.
  3. The way that the current "Change Team" menu is set up has a LOT of room for improvement. When training a large amount of Pokémon in quick succession it can be tedious and grueling to make frequent changes to your team, especially when you are changing most if not all members of the team. The first thought for improvement to speed up the process, though I'm unfamiliar with game creation so I have no idea if this is possible to implement in Vortex's current state, would be to make it so that the page doesn't "refresh" every time you put a new member on your team. If I'm putting 6 immunes o
  4. The single biggest fact I’ve seen all day, and I did consider this when writing lol
  5. When editing your player profile, there should be an option to display willingness to trade to prevent people from receiving messages about trading when they do not have any interest in trading. So when clicking on a player profile, on the social side there would either be "Willing to trade" or "Not willing to trade". It's a simple addition but I think it would save a lot of trouble with message clutter and unwanted messages.
  6. I think a pretty neat idea is to have a separate pokedex for all pokemon owned over the course of your entire profiles history. For example, I have just under 400 pokemon in my pokedex, however, I have around 2500 pokemon UFT. So if you were looking at my profile you would see "3xx of 7xxx Unique Pokemon.", and under that would be "2700 of 7xxx Seen Pokemon". Having an entire seperate tab in the pokedex for seen/total (whatever you'd want to call it) would be pretty cool too. Alternatively, there could be a "Total Pokemon Owned" on the player profile, showing how many pokemon you ow
  7. I think it would be more efficient to just never accept the trade, leaving the pokemon they offered stuck in the trade offer forever. Blocking users from trading doesn't really seem necessary when that is an option.
  8. This sounds like the opposite of "quick" trading to me, if you're putting pokemon up for trade in bulk would make putting pokemon up extremely time consuming and tedious, much more so than just declining crappy offers.
  9. I don't think it's different enough from Gengar.
  10. This could be a good addition, however I don't this would be all that practical, given that you can usually tell how much happiness a pokemon has by how much EXP it has.
  11. Being able to transfer Pokemon from a main account to an alt account (without needing to trade it) is something that I feel is almost essential, especially with the trade cap being 30 pokemon per 1 pokemon. Needing to trade pokemon 30 at a time to an alt is WILDLY inconvenient, especially for people who grind seasonals but don't want all the clutter of having hundreds of pokemon and dupes. Not everyone is going for dex completion, and having that option for those of us who aren't would be a huge addition. Of course I have no idea how this would work, I'm assuming it would be through discord or
  12. Really cool! I think it could do without the blood tho. I personally think the sprite without the horn things looks better.
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