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  1. Happy birthday froakie :) Hope you have a great one!

    1. EeveeMaster5


      happy bday froaks hope you have a wonderful day!!! ^_^


  2. Seeing weird 10 min discord rule every time I open the discord,It stoping me to do chat for 10 min. Happening 3rd time in a day.Why??? It was suppose to happen once when we change device. But I havent change my device.


    1. froakielatte


      Do you have a verified e-mail for your account? If not, do so.

    2. demonstriker


      Yup I have. It happening again to me after 1 day.

  3. froakielatte

    Giveaway Showdown Contest

    Or maybe YOU can let him know since you obviously know he's busy with exams rn
  4. froakielatte

    Giveaway Showdown Contest

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-495366111 raysenpai (me) vs. porymon321 (@porymon) @Daystarvirus can you update the bracket link? It says that the URL signature has expired.
  5. froakielatte

    Giveaway Caterpie (Christmas) Giveaway

    kawaiisquirtle <3
  6. froakielatte

    Giveaway Showdown Contest

    congrats! Make sure you refrain from double posting. Just edit your previous post. Tysm
  7. froakielatte

    Giveaway Showdown Contest

    I'm online right now
  8. froakielatte

    Giveaway My First Ever Giveaway :)

    ign: kawaiisquirtle song: good luck to everyone xoxo
  9. froakielatte

    Giveaway Showdown Contest

    Well, if here's one that I use: http://pastebin.com/vy82dPvv
  10. froakielatte

    Giveaway Showdown Contest

    you can get an account via http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ choose a name and then register it! oh and I'm joining as well! ign: kawaiisquirtle showdown: raysenpai
  11. froakielatte

    Giveaway Loki's Giveaway {Ended}

    1) kawaiisquirtle 2) Your favorite sun and moon pokemon: Primarina! (Primarina is bae af) 3) Your best pick-up line: is your phone in your back pocket? Because your booty is calling my name
  12. Have you ever just read a conversation and just thought in your head, "yikes"?


    Because a lot of the statuses/conversations on here are giving me "yikes" moments and I don't know how I feel about that.

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    2. DeMerican


      read the latest posts, the one under yours, no idea what happened, but not wanting to find out now

    3. froakielatte
    4. eurstin


      for real tho, your posts are pretty spicy <3


  13. froakielatte

    Giveaway meh. Giveaway!

    ign: kawaiisquirtle Favorite Anime: right now it's re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- I'll play Moon first followed by Sun Favorite Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GPhvgqLc1s spooderman meme