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Srki Giveaway

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 Srki Giveaway
This will be my first giveaway. Today is a birthday to my account. Now he has 1 year. Now, we will celebrate his birthday with giveaway. I can't make big giveaway like @Haxor69 but I'll give events.

   How to Join:

1) Post your ign.
2) Post picture of  best pokemon for you.

Prizes (3 winners)

First winner will get: Pikachu (Jedi) +  Dark Kyurem (Black)

Secound winner will get:  Metallic Kyurem (Black) + Shiny Landorus + Shiny Articuno 

Third winner will get:  Dark%20Genesect.gif + Arceus + Lugia +  Shadow Zygarde (Cell)

 Date of the announcement when the winner will be announced will be: 26. 6. 2016. Gl all :)



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