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  1. Starting to pack, onward to move for a couple weeks and back to my own place. Huzzah! 

  2. IGN - Chandaza Best Pokemon -
  3. I think I pushed Sam ahead with my vote Sad sad.
  4. I know it's so sad. D: I feel the loves everywhere.
  5. Finally finished reading the Guides. My head hurts from some of those. We don't want walls of text. 

  6. I wake up and theres v4 news and the events tomorrow. THIS IS A GOOD WEEK YEA.

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    2. Blair


      Thats awesome. It won't be me. :) Have a good birthday. 

    3. StarPonyta20


      Thank you! You have a nice birthday on 12/11/2016 too.

    4. Blair
  7. Fine I won't put three images in my signature.....

    1. Starkban


      It's gonna be 4?

    2. Blair


      Na, just the most important one. Lol

  8. Rob


    1. Blair


      ....and then I crie 

      Y U DO DIS!

    2. StarPonyta20
    3. Brocko
  9. Starting on that Zigzagoon Wiki, then next's Poochyena. Since I can't do evos...

  10. Combusken Wiki Page

    It's finally done! After....practically two days of work and hours, I have a page up. 


    1. EeveeMaster5


      You the girl <3 looks awesome good job B|

  11. :^_^: More Tumblr posts incoming! :^_^:

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