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zSeries : Shine and Shadows

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zSeries : Shine and Shadows

time for a giveaway!
Everything uft on Ddraig is free, just offer anything and I will accept. It has 11 Pages of Shiny and Shadow Pokemon mixed. 

You can choose any 10 Pokemon you like and list them up here before you offer. It is first come, first serve.


  • Also if you are a member of Artic Eevees you can choose 20 Pokemon of your choice from the trades. Also Artic Eevees Members get more preference and has a chance that I might accept it right away. :;):
  • Also you must already be an Artic Eevee Member. If you plan to join the clan in future and still haven't joined, the offer is not applicable for you eh. :sigh:
  • And for others, your offers will accepted at Random Intervals. :><:


Pokémon Given :


Shadow Eevee- Sneezeball
Shiny%20Gible.gif - Is.Rar
Shadow Eevee- Sneezeball
Shadow%20Gastly.gif - Sneezeball
Shiny%20Eevee.gif - Sneezeball
Shiny%20Gastly.gif - Sneezeball
Zygarde%20(Cell).gif - Porymon

Shiny%20Dratini.gif - Porymon
Shadow%20Magnemite.gif - Porymon

Shadow%20Porygon.gif - Porymon

Shadow%20Riolu.gif - Porymon

Shadow%20Yamask.gif - Srki

Shiny%20Misdreavus.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Gible.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Nidoran%20(M).gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Abra.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Woobat.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Cacnea.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Abra.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Whismur.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Bulbasaur.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Spearow.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Zorua.gif  - London456

Shiny%20Croagunk.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Duskull.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Gastly.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Combee.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Abra.gif  - Srki

Shadow%20Croagunk.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Croagunk.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Solosis.gif  - Srki

Shiny%20Golett.gif -london456

Shiny%20Buneary.gif -london456

Shadow%20Riolu.gif -london456

Shiny%20Spiritomb.gif -Becky

Shiny%20Duskull.gif -london456

Shiny%20Absol.gif - osman12349
Shadow%20Chimchar.gif - GodsTrading

Shadow%20Turtwig.gif - London456

Shadow%20Chespin.gif - charizard_king_


Shiny%20Treecko.gif - Talfiro


Shadow%20Geodude.gif - Squamato



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1 hour ago, porymon said:

I choose zygarde cell and shiny dratini.


                                                                                                                                                             Also you guys realize that you can choose 10 Pokemon right? :-_-:

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shinys(solosis,spearow,Misdreavus,Nidoran (M),Croagunk x2, Duskull,Combee,Cacnea) Shadows(Yamask,Woobat,Whismur,Abra x3,Bulbasaur, Croagunk,Gastly and Gible)

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I just offered on two of the pokemon I've been searching for AGES: Shiny Absoland Shiny Swablu

Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

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