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My First Ever Giveaway :)

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Hey there :)

Let's start with my Giveaway 

No Intros :P

So, basically 

- All of the Forums Global Rules are applied. :D

Rules to Enter:

- Just Post your IGNs :)

- Suggest a good song for me :P

Here's the Prize :D




Shiny Arceus (Fairy)with 4 Legs :')

Hope you like that :)

Ty ;)

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1 hour ago, MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr. said:



Prob. my favorite song but, this is a good song tho. 4rel.

Thanks for this giveaway. U are the best and stay awesome, my friend. Much love from over here.


Zayn was used to be my favorite when he was in 1-D :D

Anyways xD;):P

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