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Legendary Pokemon Giveaway.

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I don't know what to say guys. No reason for me to play here, the owner and some of the known people here actually can't let new players to go any further. I've been banned on my totally legit account which he says himself too but has banned it because I've botted in my k24matteblack account with 800k exp on one Pokemon which I could not even received and was banned after 2 hours of playing.

I played all legit on Nightmare808. I'm like one of the 2-3 people who found the mystic dratini level 5 female first and were about to finish the event but before I could I was banned on my legit account. I bet if you guys were there in the Crater days you would have liked it very well and I'm sure.

No critics please :)


I've come across very good people here.

So, I'm here for a giveaway. I'm sure some of you would not want the pokemon from me as I'm against the 1 admin of this game (not the others).

I've some of the legendary Pokemon.

Who ever want it please write your IGN and I'll offer one legendary on your account.

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