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  1. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  2. Hi, any event or special Pokémon for Easter ? Thanks
  3. Hi, Will the darkest day opponent be encountered multiple times ? Thanks in advance.
  4. hello, i have a doubt about the darkest day event. will the darkest day player appear more than once ? i encountered at the third battle.

    1. Auke1993


      I haven't seen it appear for me yet.
      I assume it can happen multiple times, but at a low chance.
      I don't have any more details than the public has.

  5. Will vortex evolve into a crypto or nft game in the future ? Was wondering after watching about "axie infinity" on Nas daily.
  6. I got a shadow hoopa for shiny, thanks lemitave
  7. will trade shiny hoopa for shadow hoopa
  8. Ya bro as tempting as it is, I need that for my collection. 4 outa 6 ain't so bad.
  9. Hello, Could someone please trade their shadow hoopa for my shiny hoopa ? Thanks Narayan
  10. Hello, Does anyone know the locations on the sidequests to evolve spewpa to different forms of vivilion ? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks a lot man, your training accounts r gr8, helped me a lot.
  12. hello pat, for the past two days vortex was slow, today i am unable to access even from cell.

    it shows error 522

    1. omg414


      The game is down.

      We all cannot access it.


      When it will be back up it will be announced.

      Until then you can play hourly quizzes on Discord.

    2. Chris_
  13. my igglybuff has 140,453 exp but doesn't have at least one happiness, how much more exp is required ?
  14. ayuke, how can u make in-game currency fast ?

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    2. narayan393


      gr8 subed ur channel & i thought u were a chick :P

    3. Auke1993


      Because of my avatar on the Forums, I assume?

    4. narayan393


      I thought that the name sounded like a Japanese woman's name but i am wrong, -   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auke_(name)  anyway nice to know u brother.

  15. hello pat, what happens to the account of a person who is inactive for an year or more ?

    1. v3567
    2. Auke1993


      Nothing happens.
      They're allowed to come back and log-in whenever they'd like.

    3. eurstin


      Depends on when that account was created... It will be deleted if it was created before V3.

  16. hello pat, when i click on pokemon location guide. it shows-  "You do not have permission to view this content."

    "Error code: 2F173/H", y is this ? i have only encountered one legendary pokemon in ghost maps after a week, what can i do to increase the frequency of the encounters ? 

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    2. Auke1993


      I cannot remember ever seeing the error before.
      My guess is that with the move to V4, Patrick is moving some things like the location guide as well.
      You can still use the location guide on the Vortex wiki: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location

    3. narayan393


      thank u, that was really helpful. 

    4. Auke1993


      No problem.
      I'm glad to be able to help.

  17. hello,


    i accidentally put my  yveltal (normal) on wonder trade, how will i cancel. now i dont have it when i click all pokemon. pls help



    1. Patrick


      You cannot remove a Pokemon from wonder trade once it's there and would be too late now anyway, it would have already been traded.

    2. narayan393


      mega crap, that really sukzzz, thank u for ur help

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