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  1. The exp is the main focus. Are you participating for the Geodude or the exp? Anyways now its edited and the exp is not the main focus
  2. Nope. Haven't seen that I saw while scrolling.
  3. Not really no. I have a problem with the fact that you're breaking the giveaway rules. It doesn't matter if I hate you or not.
  4. Of course you're giving a pokemon with exp, thats how you give exp. Im talking about the main focus however.
  5. Clearly the exp is the main focus No one is going to participate for a normal Geodude are they?
  6. Experience is no longer allowed to be the focus on a prize for any form of giveaway or contest (Unless it is run by a Moderator or someone of higher power - In which case the The Pokemon will be checked for legitimacy before it is posted)
  7. Was it a crit? Was the mega charizard x a dark form?
  8. IGN HDDaksh 1) Metallic 2) Kyogre and Groudon 3) Mega Salamence/Salamence 4) Rehabilitated and AJManks, I couldn't decide between them 5) Brendan/May, Rayquaza is far too good. 6) Salamence
  9. I don't think cancelling in between a deal is allowed. Especially with account deals Though I think none of you should have traded with accounts in the first place. Also, what do you mean by "that doesn't mean until the deal isn't complete"? If you gave the account and are in progress of training and ursa gave the galarian articuno, the deal is done right?
  10. IGN - HDDaksh Thundurus (Therian) and/or the Weavile would be good.
  11. Hoopa (Unbound) is available in vortex stores.
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