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  1. What I'm understanding is : It's unfair for rich people to participate on the lottery because I want to win and I'm not rich so it is unfair.
  2. IGN - HDDaksh, let's hope for the Arceus forms, need some of them
  3. ? I was talking to @kalipo, not you
  4. Rotom (Spin) at max is 700k. Mystic Munchlax is 1.3m. Tell you what, just give me the Shadow Blaziken (Mega) with 300k exp. Shadow Blaze is 500k average and the exp makes it 1m.
  5. Which event poke were you talking about?
  6. I have a Mystic Munchlax and Shadow Riolu if you're interested @kalipo
  7. I am proposing this idea for an easier way to money transfer and item transfer The current way is to either : Bid on the item you are buying itself (where people might outbid you) Bid on a Pokéball and then trade the pokémon/item (which you have to give to the other person for it to work and even then, stuff such as Meltan Candies can't be transfered.) As for Items, the only option is Pokebay/Giving for the other person to evolve. So, in the trading add a "Money Transfer" tab and an "Item trading" tab to solve all those problems With the current money transfer system the problems are : 1. You have to wait 1 day 2. 10% tax (Though if you want to keep it, add it in the trading tabs I mentioned) 3. If bidding on the avatar/item, people can outbid (For example, somebody kept an avatar for for their friend, I outbidded without knowing, the friend didn't get it.) 4) A few items such as Mystery Boxes, Exp boosts etc. can't be traded to evolve or such Now, with that said heres the solution : Make an item transfer thing where you can transfer items and avatars for where you can instantly transfer for free or Pds or trade for pokemon and other items and avatars. Same for the money transfer, make it so it's compatible with Items and Avatars. This is my idea, I hope you like it.
  8. Well, a lot of migrations happened right now, and zacian and zamazenta just got affected so at the moment I do not know.
  9. Love balls are useless and not good looking. #RIOT #BOYCOTTLOVEBALLS 
    This status is Straya protected she cannot comment on this matter

  10. Happy Birthday Nisha even though I'm late 🙂

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