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  1. i have lots of exp and pokemoney
  2. please see to imgur album https://imgur.com/a/PoVvw this opponent i cannot fight or chose any attack
  3. Day and night is an issue that effects alot of people, and many cant get to one or the other due to real life time times and having a life. MY IDEA IF ITS DAY TIME IN VORTEX YOU CAN PAY LIKE 100,000 POKE MONEY TO GO TO NIGHT TIME ONLY FOR YOU FOR LIKE 1 HOUR LIKE SAFARI ZONE IN THE POKEMON GAMES THIS IS A GREAT IDEA AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT ~Ako
  4. Can some one give me some money in game, (i could use a sugar daddy ;) )

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    2. TAT


      I got you nibba ;)


      pm me for number

    3. v3567


      Eh... niberia?

    4. fabian


      hi me fabian


  5. Happy Birthday Gurl!!!!!!!!!! <3

  6. if u want vivillons visit my topic vivillons swapping machine

  7. I want to see pages on People and vortex history Like the origin of the "brothers" (my brother did it) IGN - AkoNeePlays

    Giveaway closing in 2 days :P

    Enter for chance to win a missingno o4rel



    1. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      "Another Conspiracy"

    2. AkoNeePlays


      Lol :P Shhhh,

      no "Conspiracy" going on here

  9. IGN - AkoNeePlays also got 42 *cough* CTRL F *cough* Password - ItWasMyBrother
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