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  1. AkoNeePlays

    Universal Trading donations

    i have lots of exp and pokemoney
  2. AkoNeePlays

    Archive Caught to Pokebay

    I agree with vitol
  3. please see to imgur album https://imgur.com/a/PoVvw this opponent i cannot fight or chose any attack
  4. AkoNeePlays

    Archive DAY & NIGHT

    Day and night is an issue that effects alot of people, and many cant get to one or the other due to real life time times and having a life. MY IDEA IF ITS DAY TIME IN VORTEX YOU CAN PAY LIKE 100,000 POKE MONEY TO GO TO NIGHT TIME ONLY FOR YOU FOR LIKE 1 HOUR LIKE SAFARI ZONE IN THE POKEMON GAMES THIS IS A GREAT IDEA AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT ~Ako
  5. AkoNeePlays

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    AkoNeePlays - Pink
  6. Can some one give me some money in game, (i could use a sugar daddy ;) )

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    2. TAT


      I got you nibba ;)


      pm me for number

    3. v3567


      Eh... niberia?

    4. fabian


      hi me fabian


  7. AkoNeePlays

    Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

    AkoNeePlays dont go
  8. Happy Birthday Gurl!!!!!!!!!! <3

  9. if u want vivillons visit my topic vivillons swapping machine

  10. AkoNeePlays

    First and last giveaway.

    IGN - AkoNeePlays thx for giveaway
  11. AkoNeePlays

    Giveaway z:Series 1

    I want to see pages on People and vortex history Like the origin of the "brothers" (my brother did it) IGN - AkoNeePlays

    Giveaway closing in 2 days :P

    Enter for chance to win a missingno o4rel



    1. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      "Another Conspiracy"

    2. AkoNeePlays


      Lol :P Shhhh,

      no "Conspiracy" going on here

  13. AkoNeePlays

    The Noob's Giveaway

    IGN - AkoNeePlays also got 42 *cough* CTRL F *cough* Password - ItWasMyBrother
  14. IGN - AkoNeePlays D: Long way to go