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Hi everybody I need help.  What you are going to do is complete my perfect shiny team and yes there will be prizes!



My team so far!


Shiny Gallade Mega

Shiny Infernape

Shiny Swampert

Shiny Luxray

Shiny Nidoking



Now what you are going to do is complete my team!


How to enter!


1. IGN

2. Choose the shiny Pokemon you think I should have in my team.




I don't want to have any Legis on my team.

I also want a type balanced team




Dark Pikachu (Christmas) and Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)


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Your 6th Pokemon should be a shiny Eevee(don't kill me if i spelled it wrong. To lazy to check the right word and I'm not a pokemon name expert xD) with the moves trump card as it's first move and dig as it's second. Using the move trump card first and then dig. You will become an unstoppable force and defeat everything that comes in your path! :)


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Shiny Gengar (Mega) Against Dark and Ghost type Shiny Sceptile (Mega)  Against Dragon, Water, Stone and Ground type Shiny Gardevoir (Mega)Against Fighting, Poison, Dark, Fighting and Dragon type

Now just choose one of these for your team to stay perfect, I would use it in place of the Shiny Infernape this pokémon Shiny Blaziken(Mega) that is perfect against Normal,Metallic,Rock,Insect,Dark, Water,Ground,Rock,Electric type



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