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Another Giveaway! Damn!

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yeah thanks @manavsharma9231 for giveaway


my ign = commander-rayquaza7 


i hated the sun moon too


plus i have never ever won a giveaway before so this time i hope i == winner and if i do win then ill thank you very much for this awesome giveaway and even if i = lose then i will still thank u cuz i still tried

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I loved them, when they come out i'm getting moon :x (Plus more Pokes to the Dex :D)

Good luck everyone!

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Ign : All_Stars

I just watched the sun and moon anime trailer and i have to agree with u i didnt like it very much but at the same time i dont dislike it as well so yeah i can conclude by saying that i neither liked it nor disliked it.

And finally tyvm for holding a giveaway again your previous 1 was awesome (although i didnt win :/) Hope i win this 1 good luck to every1 for the giveaway :D

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