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  1. EliteCrafters3009

    Resolved daily log in

    Does anybody else in your house play Pokémon Vortex? Even if they aren't using the same device as you
  2. EliteCrafters3009

    Answered So am i in the wrong here?

    You're not in the wrong. If he accepted that's his problem, whether or not you give it back is your choice, you are not forced to.
  3. EliteCrafters3009

    Giveaway Rotom (Spin) giveaway.

    IGN: EliteCrafters3009
  4. EliteCrafters3009

    Discussion Post Your Desktop

    please don't judge. I know its horrendous
  5. EliteCrafters3009

    Discussion Where are you from?

    Malé, Maldives.
  6. EliteCrafters3009

    Report Scammer lokithehacker

    In code trading, you have to be very careful because stuff like this happens, you can ask someone trusted to act as a middleman or just don't do code trades at all. Its very risky, chances of something like this happening is very high
  7. EliteCrafters3009

    Discussion I choose you!

    As a starter, would be cool and for a buddy because reasons :DD
  8. EliteCrafters3009

    Game Staff vs. Members

  9. EliteCrafters3009

    2nd Kutta Giveaway - Attack Form

    IGN: EliteCrafters3009 pls giv attack
  10. EliteCrafters3009


    number 44 ign EliteCrafters3009
  11. EliteCrafters3009

    Game Staff vs. Members

  12. EliteCrafters3009

    Giveaway My First And Last Giveaway (Updated Prizes!! )

    IGN: EliteCrafters3009 Song umm, I dont really know if you call it a song or not but Elektronomia - Flashback Anime: My Hero Academia Best of luck in the future! =)
  13. EliteCrafters3009

    Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    IGN: EliteCrafters3009 669
  14. EliteCrafters3009

    Game Staff vs. Members

  15. EliteCrafters3009

    Game Staff vs. Members