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  1. Even in the original games, you have to be the OT of a Pokémon to nickname it and also to get rid of its nickname. Nobody else can do it, that's why that rule is there. The whole reason a nickname can't be changed is for the person to remember who they got it from too
  2. Does anybody else in your house play Pokémon Vortex? Even if they aren't using the same device as you
  3. You're not in the wrong. If he accepted that's his problem, whether or not you give it back is your choice, you are not forced to.
  4. In code trading, you have to be very careful because stuff like this happens, you can ask someone trusted to act as a middleman or just don't do code trades at all. Its very risky, chances of something like this happening is very high
  5. IGN: EliteCrafters3009 pls giv attack
  6. IGN: EliteCrafters3009 Song umm, I dont really know if you call it a song or not but Elektronomia - Flashback Anime: My Hero Academia Best of luck in the future! =)
  7. Congrats on getting into college! Have fun IGN: EliteCrafters3009 Number: 39 aand
  8. Patrick said something like he wanted more Deoxys in the game so yeah lol and theres already a few Missingnos and yehsahh
  9. IGN: EliteCrafters3009 Favorite Pokemon Happy birthday!
  10. IGN: EliteCrafters3009 goodluck with whatever your gonna do
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