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  1. Good to see you pop by : D

    1. TheBravoQuadrant


      Always will now and again. Hope everyone is doing okay. 

    2. fodnbilal


      No not everyone Cosmog

  2. Happy New Year Everyone! :)

    (Currently 00:03 in UK)

    1. baddream


      Thank you wish you the same :)

  3. Imagine if moderating forums was a paying job.. i wish.. lol

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    2. TheBravoQuadrant


      He has a family to support :P

    3. Daystarvirus


      TBQ and Rob are different persons? O.o I thought they are same lmao xD:D


    4. Mr.Magnificent
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a good one. Here's to 2017!


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    2. Abbas


      Any Christmas plans? :D  

    3. TheBravoQuadrant


      Not really, sit back and chill i suppose :P  You?

    4. Abbas


      Just Staying home and chilling with couple of friends. xD


  5. TheBravoQuadrant

    Answered NEED EXPLANATION!!!

    What was your ign?
  6. why dont you use the discord chat?

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    2. TheBravoQuadrant


      It seems a bit x.x :) 

    3. Uncle_Psychic


      yeah its usually dead at this time

    4. TheBravoQuadrant


      Maybe Pat should add a Discord user option for the forum profiles lol...

  7. There we go. ;)

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    2. Joshua Hambly

      Joshua Hambly

      yes i do but im willing to write it down step by step and learn i know it will be frustrating and all but its something i would love to learn 

    3. Uncle_Psychic


      I'd suggest you to start by practicing basic stuff on ms paint from spriting tutorials,there are tons on youtube

    4. Joshua Hambly
  8. Note: If anyone needs help that doesn't require privileges, Feel free to ask me. I'll be happy to help. (If I don't fall asleep ;) )

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    2. TheBravoQuadrant


      It seems you've disabled status updates. Click edit profile then enable the status updates, if it's enabled, disabled it, click off the page then enable it and so forth..

    3. TheBravoQuadrant
    4. Joshua Hambly
  9. Found an old video I recorded and renwed it - 


  10. MWAHAHAHA ALL THE Zygarde (Cell)(Zygarde Cell) SHALL BE MAEN!!

  11. Would you mind checking the playground forum? I'm the "most recently replied" person on everything. Again.

  12. So when is people going to realize Double Posting is against the rules? Slowly growing tired of warning people for it. Come on people! Just read the rules, it only takes a minute or 2. This is for your benefit as well as ours.

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    2. StarPonyta20


      When I click "unread content", I get the error message: there is nothing in this stream yet.

    3. TheBravoQuadrant


      No clue on that one, it's working for me.

    4. StarPonyta20


      It's working for me too. It's just that I've always read everything.

  13. Double posting is strong within this community. ;)


    On 2/1/2016 at 0:07 AM, Chris_ said:

    Double Posting:
    There is no reason to double post, if no one has replied to a topic since you posted in it but you have something to add, then use the edit post button to add in whatever additions you may have. Sometimes a double post can happen by mistake from a slow connection to the server and other issues - If this happens, just report your own post explaining you double posted by mistake and a moderator or administrator will delete the second post.